CVG | PlayStation 4 The Launch Unit Review

There's a good chance that the software platform will allow for greater innovations in the future, such as more streaming options expected to be added later down the line, but for now, Sony is selling a futuristic machine with not many new things to do on it.

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not quite the review I was expecting but maybe they have a point.

I am getting both machines but what really sold me on the ps was sony's long term investment in games/new IPs etc. Thats not really something you can review a console on.

I do wonder what they will make of the xbone?

evilunklebud1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I'll get a one next early. I was going to jump on the ps4 right away with kz4, but with the lukewarm reviews it is getting I might wait a month or so.

but I still expect the ps4 to be my prime rig......

Mills931776d ago

I want one but not till next year now

listenkids1776d ago

Because of someone else's opinion?

Mills931776d ago

Because there isn't any games I want

FullmetalRoyale1776d ago

So what if that WAS the reason? Who the hell are you to behave like that. Rude bro.

Very rude.

listenkids1776d ago


It was a genuine question, to which he responded his reason. Take that rat out of our arsehole because jumping to conclusions, it's "rude bro" "very rude".

FullmetalRoyale1776d ago

No. That's not how you ask a genuine question. You know better than that.

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TheFallenAngel1776d ago

Down the road ps4 will have the best games. It happened with the ps3.

GortJester1776d ago

All a matter of opinion... at this point they have to review it on what's available today. I will agree with you that the PS3 throughout it's lifespan only got better and better and better.

3 p I c1776d ago

Sounds like the Xbone might have the upper hand with these guys since they are saying how the PS4 tried nothing new except adding a touchpad on a controller.

strickers1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Why? Voice commands? Waving at menus?
Please. That's your 10 minute muck about. These are launches, and they always lack serious amounts of content. What are going to do with your XB1 that's so exciting? I'll be playing KZ Online, Contrast, Lego Marvel and Resogun , along with GTA and Beyond on PS3. Plenty coming to systems post launch too. Day 1 is hardly the be all and and all.

Sadist31776d ago

He's referring to what the system can do. He's referring to the xbox One's multimedia capabilities, and snap features, skype...that's the stuff that matters.

ger23961776d ago

Does it play games right out of the box? That all I really need it to do.