Killzone: Shadow Fall review: Goodbye, gray sky (Joystiq)

This is not a review of futuristic architecture, thank God, but if it were I would have reams to write about Vekta City, the angular gem that serves as the heart and showcase of PlayStation 4 exclusive, Killzone: Shadow Fall. Its skyscrapers form an endless field of crystals and carbon, mantled in blue skies and fly-by lens flares. The game will let you admire the view from time to time, even with its finger extended and ready to prod – you've got some shootin' to do, remember.

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Irishguy951775d ago

As predicted. KZ series has always been about graphics instead of interesting gameplay.

dodo1011775d ago

Speak for yourself i enjoyed every killzone game

FamilyGuy1775d ago

Why is it okay to slam the story mode of Killzone while giving a pass to the 4-hour campaigns of Battlefield and Call of Duty?

hollabox1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

KZ 1 & 2 were meh, KZ 3 was actually pretty good just didn't like the way it ended with that last spaceship battle. KZ SF unfortunately is not on my list unless I could have gotten it for free with the purchase of two games. Messed up yesterday on Amazon didn't know you had to buy the two games first and wait for a code. Oh well EA will probably get most of my PS4 money this holiday season with Need for Speed, Madden, maybe NBA, they already got my BF 4 money on the PC.

Irishguy951775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I'd say KZ campaigns - All of them were meh
Multiplayer - Killzone 2 was very good and KZ3 sucked

For me anyway, I liked KZ2's dodgey aiming. I thought KZ3 played like COD with a paint of KZ over it.

ZBlacktt1775d ago

As predicted. People who have never played it will post. Like it needs explaining to never ever take some guys opinion about anything. You are not going to feel the same way. More then half the time these random people who write these don't get it anyway. Reviews are pointless bit of information.

Blackdeath_6631775d ago

except the fact that none of them have been about graphics

ger23961775d ago

Why are here? Its obvious you don't like the game or anything playstation related. Now go away, shoo, scram.

RevXM1775d ago

Please tell me some games with more interesting gameplay?

Killzone have always had deep meaty controls and gameplay that really does immerse the player.

SF encourages stealth
Somewhat weighty controls, not a floaty posessed gun in the air.
Brutal melee cqc system.
GOOD cover mechanics.
Interesting traversal, parkour-ish and plattforming mechanics some new and some developed from KZ2-3.
OWL a good allround tool that alone sets this game apart from most shooters.
Very open levels that gives you the option for how to approach any mission objective in the way and order you see fit, kind of like Far cry games.
Knowing GG Killzone games have good AI.

And people shouldnt trust the weak reviews like Polygon's on this because they are bitter they suck at the game playing it like COD, or because the thought it was going to be as great at telling its story like Metal gear solid or something.
Other reviewers say it is pretty good, and the best story presented by GG to date as a whole.

Polygon reviewer was bias like "OH and Ive died like two dozen times urhhh hurrr. Land of confusion, look at my killer skill yet still dying, coward enemies flanking my ass, obligatory headshots and game doesnt tell me where the bomb is".
Obviously sucked at the game and because he couldnt find the bomb the game is flawed for giving you freedom and not showing everything in your face and handholding you, it doesnt hide things from you as it will show you waypoints/direction and objectives by the push of a button (according to the shadow marshal tutorial video).

Go watch the video review. It was almost the opposite of any other review Ive read/seen and a shit load of repetetive bias spouting without substance trying to hold a straight face.

Most think the platform oriented non shooting sequenses were the least good, yet the Polygon reviewer seem to think Kz would be better if it was a hike tour with space nazis in zero gravity and Vektan mountains. And the story was bad because it isnt a black and white story of who is good and who is bad and because the voice acting was bad yet shows to no examples of this.

Just a paid crybaby trying to hold his face straight at polygon.

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evilunklebud1775d ago

Too bad... this was going to be my first software..... might wait to pull the trigger on ps4 now. sigh.....

ebreda1775d ago

It's Killzone, what do you expect? It's been like this forever. Pretty but mediocre gameplay-wise.

Well, at least it's 1080p, am I right?

tigertron1775d ago

Killzone has always had a mixed response from the critics, but I'm still going to buy it as a Killzone fan.

evilunklebud1775d ago

kz2 was 92 at meta, I think 3 was around 85.... both really good.

Joe9131775d ago

I think because ppl like how easy COD and BF I played Black ops 2 and got BF3 on ps+ it feels like the character is sliding through the levels it just felt weird because KZ is the only fps I play and the first 3 Halo games until my bro got rid of his xbox and 360.

badkolo1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

to funny , well i have mine here and will keep it, it does have good graphics and its killzone, so ill keep it.

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