Joystiq Review: PlayStation 4

For much of the PlayStation 3's existence, the PlayStation Network was seen as second fiddle to Microsoft's Xbox Live, which offered more content and more features – at a price. Over the past couple of years, the tables began to turn, with PSN's free service matching the premium tier of Xbox Live almost feature for feature. Meanwhile, for $50 a year, PlayStation Plus gives its members entire collections of popular and critically-acclaimed games at no extra cost.

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I play COD, BF4 and killzone, add me Rack-Em_Killa12, I play other games too but these are the main MP..

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This Review is not yet ready. Not even a Review yet

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pretty good review. Not bashing the lack of 100games at launch because it isn't backwards compatible like some other reviews.
Interesting about the systems plastic outside shell being soft, luckily I don't travel with mine.
Can't wait for tomorrow at midnight!

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There is no doubt that PS4's hardware is superior to Xbox's but what is being lost in the "Resolution-Gate" or whatever they are calling it, is the sheer fact that neither system has the launch game to sell the console. We as a community play the games, not the 1080P, not the 720p. Those are important compnents that can make a game that much better, but without the game mechanics and story you get a very pretty game like Knack. Give it a year and PS4 will be at it's peak with insane games and unless Microsoft does something very drastic I can't see them winning this "Console War". I'm still buying both cause I'm a collector and I can't not buy them lol.

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