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Killzone: Shadowfall Review | GamesBeat

"Killzone: Shadow Fall is a pretty game, gorgeous even. But the demand for moments to punctuate trailers or demos forced a sacrifice of story that it never quite recovers from. The OWL will find its place in history as one of the few controller-based mechanics to actually entertain, while the time spent in free fall may make players actually consider a plummet-related death. You find a stride in the minute-to-minute gameplay before drudgery sets in, and the multiplayer suite remains solid, if with a few new tenuous bells and whistles.

The end result is a game that is worth playing, but hardly a seller of systems: an average soldier in an above average unit." (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4) 67/100

u got owned  +   522d ago
:( another bad one.
CGI-Quality  +   522d ago
Just two, out of a bunch that have been just fine (IGN 8, GameTrailers 8.8, Destructiod 9).

@ The bunch below: So let's simply focus on weaker scores and ignore the better ones. Got it.

@ gillri: You're about as spot on as a broken clock.
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Freak of Nature  +   522d ago
Polygon gave it a 5 out of 10...Who pissed in there cheerios...

It's at about 7.5 overall.

This 67% is a bit below the belt too...

Comments like this are quite harsh...

"May make players actually consider a plummet-related death".... and "before drudgery sets in"....

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Sie  +   522d ago
Eurogamer gave it 7/10 and Polygon a 5/10.
gillri   522d ago | Trolling | show
secretcode  +   522d ago
@Freak of Nature

RE: Polygon, reminder that when they were struggling to take off, Microsoft gave them a nice little gift of $700,000. Not saying they're biased as shit or anyth-

Actually wait. No. Disagrees be damned. They be biased as hell.
Lalanana  +   522d ago
67 not that bad ..greatness awaits of course.
rdgneoz3  +   522d ago
And polygon took $750k from MS to make a documentary about itself and yet they review the competitions' games...
Muerte2494  +   522d ago
This site has given every game on ps4 a low score so far.
Killzone 67/100

Contrast 55/100

Resogun 65/100

Let see what they give Ryse and Dead Rising 3
0ut1awed  +   522d ago
All of these reviews are being taken out of contex of the real situation. A lot of this hate is coming from the singleplayer. They put the following statement in bold, large text, and separated it from the rest of the article paragraph...

"A slick, solid multiplayer"

So yea maybe the single player is terrible. That's not why I buy FPS games anymore so I could care less.
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Blackdeath_663  +   522d ago
@Freak of Nature polygon are biased as fuck
secretcode  +   522d ago
I dunno. I've always been of the mindset that 67% (Also why the hell would you do that and not just a straight up 7/10? What REALLY is the .3% difference in these cases?) and other such ratings should be seen as "Hey this game's kinda average and okay!" rather than "Who the hell took a shit in my game's case?"
StraightPath  +   522d ago
:( so many bad reviews. Well killzone franchise was never great to begin with 2 was only decent one. Rest was pretty bad and just good graphics only thing going for it.
acdata  +   522d ago
but but but it is 1080p..
nukeitall  +   522d ago
KZ Shadowfall, it is awesome to stare at!
cyhm3112  +   522d ago
to be honest, this site is biased too. I can't see this game get less than at least a 7.5
Lukas_Japonicus  +   522d ago
Its had a 5/10......and this review score is 6.7......both less than what you say.
game_infected  +   522d ago
And greatness awaits...
Starbucks_Fan  +   522d ago
These lower scores don't annoy me one bit. I am playing this because of how wonderful the graphics are, and reviewers are loving it too.
Jeedai Infidel  +   521d ago
Graphics should always be second to gameplay, otherwise developers will just hand us polished turds.

That's not a comment towards this game, but towards this attitude. This whole resolution debate has me worried that graphics will become the driving factor of next-gen game design.
Gamer-40  +   522d ago
Gran Turismo the king..
Killzone series always medicore FPS.
mafiahajeri  +   522d ago
I don't know why I expected this, doesn't matter I couldn't care less about reviews! :D they can give it a 0.000001 for all I care...
tiremfej  +   522d ago
Another KZ game that is overhyped and under-delivers???? Say it isn't so!!!!
sevilha82  +   522d ago
I hope that people understand that all these reviews are for the single player and similiar to Battlefield (also having bad reviews in sp)what most of us are really expecting to play is the multiplayer and that in similiraty to battlefield is where the game really shines so yea ,i´m expecting some really good reviews beguining friday when the servers open...
Jeedai Infidel  +   521d ago
I think Rockstar delaying GTA Online was a brilliant idea for this very reason; the SP got phenomenal reviews and the online portion didn't affect the scores.
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FANTA1180  +   522d ago
the website is bias , so every other site is bias as well ...lol

fanboy mindstate.

the game looks great but like its been said before

you dont play resolution or graphics.
Pintheshadows  +   522d ago
I like that many of the complaints leveled at KZSF also apply to COD and BF4 but somehow knock off more marks. That seems fair. Congratulations. I tell you what, everyone's fanboy is showing today.
spektical  +   522d ago
fine we get it you dont like the single player, but the reasons against the MP thats just atrocious.
"Without the ability to capture points out of sequence (ranked A–E, with C up for dispute at the start), the balance of the match seems to perpetually favor those first to capture the midpoint." No shit, thats why you hope to get a good team, and play the objective. I feel most of these reviewers suddenly forgot how to play MP games.
Jovanian  +   522d ago
lol...knew this was going to be a mess of a game, launch title junk
LEOPARD1030  +   522d ago
74% at Metacritic, maybe for rent. The worst is the story, playing again like an ISA dog, killing innocent people. GG have that they deserve for despise the Helghast.
Rhezin  +   522d ago
of course you'll get reviews like this from people who just want hits and to stand out amongst the rest. Really want to play this game myself to PROVE MY POINT
Jeedai Infidel  +   521d ago
I doubt anyone wants to trade hits for credibility. This is why I always throw caution to the wind and use Redbox or Gamefly to try it before I purchase a game with mediocre scores. $60 is a lot to gamble with these days.
izumo_lee  +   521d ago
Does every shooter need to be Call of Duty to justify its existence? The guy complains about the story of Killzone yet Call of Duty gets a free pass for basically being the same story over & over again. If that isn't double standards than explain to me what is cause i'm failing to grasp the situation here.

Both Killzone & Battle Field look spectacular & tries to be different yet the same formula continues with Call of Duty & there is no reprocustion with it?
Halochampian  +   521d ago
Ghosts was slammed pretty hard for its story.
Halochampian  +   521d ago
Well my B2G1 free thing for Amazon (kill one, knack, NBA 2k14) is looking to be a real mediocre fest.

Oh well. I guess they are launch titles. That is to be expected. NBA will surely be good.

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