The PlayStation 4: The Kotaku Review (In Progress)

Kotaku: "How good is the PlayStation 4? Ask me in five years. Ask me after Naughty Dog's next couple of games, after I figure out whether God of War is headed in the right direction, after I learn whether it has become unfathomable to play a console game without livestreaming it."

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ShadowL91738d ago

At least it isn't like Polygon, giving a console that has a lifespan of 6-7+ years a review even before it launches.

ThePope1738d ago

People want a review. Your not buying the console 5 years from now. Your buying it on Friday, and people want to know; what will my first 60, 90, 120 days be like. Polygon (who is very respectable by the way) is giving you that and made it very clear that they expect the game library to be awesome. THOUGH they did point out other issues, mostly UI. And that's important now, and in 5 years.

ShadowL91738d ago

I don't think you should give it a review though. It should detail information about the console and if it is worth your purchase and whatnot, but giving it a score is silly because this is simply the beginning of the generation. The biggest and best games will be coming out in the years to come on Xbox One and PS4. If you gave the PS3 a number at launch, it would be terrible. Get it one now? Several points higher because they improved a lot of things and released a lot of good games. Heck, if you are giving reviews with numbers, do it for the PS3 as we start to leave the generation.

ThePope1738d ago

I agree with you 100% a score isn't important, but people can be so hostile, if someone doesn't give a review score people will be out for blood. Though again it is about the now. I'm spending $500+ on my Xbox One, and I would like to know what I'm getting into.

Idba1738d ago

"I think you'll want one eventually. But, cool as the PS4 is, a lack of a must-play game means you can afford to wait."

wow, even BF4 alone is a reason to buy PS4u

Omar911738d ago

It seems as if the major complaint to the system is the lack of games.. Which I think is great because we all know sony shines when it comes to pumping out games year after year. Of course at launch there won't be a ton of games to play but I'm not worried in the least bit when it comes to games. As long as the hardware works fine, I'm good!

ExDexteraDomini1738d ago

I really hope the HDMI issue was an isolated incident. I'm not even getting a PS4, but I think people deserve a good product when they dish out money for it.

JsonHenry1738d ago

I think if you've got the money and want a couple of their launch games that is more than enough reason to buy it.

But I do understand what they are saying. For me other than Killzone (maybe, I'm not a killzone fan thought I did enjoy part 2) there is not much at launch I want. Yes the PS4 is the OBVIOUS choice for multi-plat games... if you don't have a gaming PC like I do. I already own BF4 on PC. So not buying it again for PS4. Infamous, Deep Down, The Division, Destiny... basically all the really cool games I want a PS4 for is not coming any time soon.

It won't stop me from picking up the PS4 early. But I do understand the general idea behind waiting. And I drool just thinking about Naughty Dogs first PS4 game. Whatever it might be you know it will be mind blowing.

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