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Connor White writes: "What you are left with is a disappointingly hollow trek through a shade of the first game’s setting that is good for nostalgic value and little more. The actual play is especially abhorrent, showcasing a huge misunderstanding of what made either Bioshock 1 or Infinite work. It’s as likely to taint your opinion of either work as it is to leave them alone. Such is what you should do with this."

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lastofgen1773d ago

Is the dlc really that bad?
The previews looked so promising... :/

gillri1773d ago

no its not its very good, there another review pending where it got 96/100

Id give it a 7/8 out of 10

Blastoise1773d ago

I've heard it lasts an hour long, and has nothing of interest until the last 30 seconds

matrixman921773d ago

i could see 90 minutes if you skip all extra dialogue and extras and rush through it...took me 3 hours to get all audio logs and other things

Blacklash931773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The thing though is that the areas are considerably open. It's not even 2 hours if you rush through objective-to-objective, but you can double that time if you explore and take in some of the detailed sights. The areas give a good amount of all sorts of content off the beaten path, contrary to what this review says. And Rapture itself is still interesting and prettier than ever.

I'll also say that I liked the combat. It's less mindless than both Bioshock 1 or Infinite and you actually have to plan and get the drop on enemies or you probably will die or lose out on fairly scarce resources, even on medium difficulty. It's much more accomodating to stealth and laying traps ahead of time than Infinite was. Losing money when you die also feels like more of a real consequence, because there's not much of it and it's the sole means to upgrade your plasmids and abilities. I'd actually say I like it more than either of the aforementioned main games.

One thing I will agree on with this review is that the story barely does anything meaningful until the very last minute. It's clearly all just long set-up towards Episode 2 and establishing Elizabeth's intentions. I wouldn't say it's worth $15 either, though as a tip you can get the whole Season Pass for $20 on PSN (for some reason).

Whether the storyline and the many remaining threads set up end up being satisfying is squarely up to Episode 2. But if you want a pleasant return to Rapture and a decent journey through it, I'd recommend the DLC. It is padded, like the whole thing could have just skipped to the ending and you'd barely lose anything regarding the main mystery besides a bunch of foreshadowing... But that padding is an interesting new look at Rapture. There's still a lot to like in this DLC and some really cool stand-out moments, especially if you're a fan of Bioshock. Milage will vary based on how much you like or have invested in the franchise.

But get the oddly cheap Season Pass (not sure about XBL) if you want your money's worth.

IanVanCheese1773d ago

It's not that bad, its just so disappointing considering where it came from. It's a 6 in my eyes, I believe the guy doing it for our site is giving it a 7. It's average, mediocre. Not bad, but it's Bioshock and so it should be so much more.

AnotherProGamer1773d ago

It takes Infinite's crazy inconsistent plot and makes it 10x crazier

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spektical1773d ago

its really short is my problem. keep in mind infinite was never actually that great of a game, the mechanics were just incredibly polished.

SpiralTear1773d ago

Short length is a problem for a $15 DLC pack, but I liked Bioshock Infinite a lot. Still not sure if I'll put down the funds for Burial at Sea, though.