All That Glitters- Deadfall Adventures Review I HeyPoorPlayer

HeyPoorPlayer's Francis DiPersio writes- DeadFall Adventures puts players in control of James Lee Quatermain, great-grandson of the legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain, made famous in 19th century author H.R. Haggard’s adventure novels that spawned the Lost World genre of literature, and heroes like the iconic whip-snapping adventurer Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake. The action begins when James, a jack of all trades, master of none (especially when it comes to holding onto cash) is visited in Cairo by his former colleague and US agent Jennifer Goodwin, who seeks his aid in escorting her through an ancient Egyptian temple complex that supposedly holds a mystical lost relic, the Heart of Atlantis. The Heart is rumored to possess unbelievable invigorating properties. After reluctantly accepting the fire-hared agent’s request the duo embark on an adventure that takes them not only beneath the shifting sands of the arid Sahara, but on a globe-spanning trek through the a frozen tomb beneath the harsh arctic frost, snowbound Nazi encampments, and to the very gates of Xibalaba itself in the heart of the sweltering South American rainforest.

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