CNET: PS4 Review - The next generation is here. Now wait.

The good: The PlayStation 4 serves up dazzling graphics, runs on a simplified and logical interface, and boasts a fantastic controller. It's also $100 cheaper than rival Xbox One and has the upper hand on indie and day one digital-only offerings.

The bad: Triple-A titles are lacking at launch, and the PS4 won't come close to matching its predecessor's gaming or software library for months -- or possibly years. PS3 games aren't compatible, though Sony is hinting that its Gaikai game-streaming service will open the door to retro gaming in 2014.

The bottom line: The PlayStation 4's beautiful graphics, blazing interface, and near-perfect controller make it a worthy successor to the PS3, but it would be wise to wait for more titles and features before you buy.

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timmyp531705d ago

Most of my friends have their consoles preordered. This generation especially I would think people would have learned the importance of launch(little). Resistance made the ps3 launch somewhat fun last gen but besides that title it take a couple of months for stuff to actually drop. Kudos to the early adopters. Disposable income isnt there for me right now so Im gonna hold off and play my pc for awhile(my plan for awhile now).

solidsheep1705d ago

Hmmmm I don't cnet has ever said anything nice about playstation.

chrissx1705d ago

Ps4 era is going to re-define what next gen console gaming should be like

KwietStorm1705d ago

If I read wait one more time I swear.. What do they think these things are made for, home furnishings? At the very LEAST, the best version of cross gen games will be on the new platforms, and that's obviously ignoring everything the hardware can do that current gen cannot. It's been long enough. We've already been waiting this whole time.

The_Villager1705d ago

Great review, couldn't agree more.

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The story is too old to be commented.