Destructoid- Review: Killzone: Shadow Fall

DT:For franchise sequels that accompany system launches, it's not uncommon to see the reuse of assets or game engines. We've come to expect a simple turning up of the graphics, if you will. The good stuff? The brand new stuff? That usually comes later.

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ZodTheRipper1770d ago

My only shooter this year, good to know that it was the right decision despite some negative reports :)

MrDead1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It only has one low review and that’s from the site that gave TLOU its lowest score, but it gives the site plenty of hits and will be the No.1 story on N4G in no time. Destructoid gives the game 9/10 and nobody cares, it seems that it always pays better to give a lower score.

As for me I'm a Killzone nut and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

kwiksilver991770d ago

was wondering the same thing.i dont know if tlou was reviewed by the same person as was killzone :sf but if your a fan of tlou and you didnt agree to polygon's review,why would a fa even worry about whatever they review next?
they dont mirror my taste's.let it be.
on topic-the destructoid review was pretty informative.
excited about cutom mp rules and the free mp contols well and looks great.guns have secondary fire.let the party begin :)

Game-ur1770d ago

If Destructoid also gave it a low score then I would start worrying, but the positive opinions are starting to stack.

Nothing stops this rain

sorane1770d ago

Only one low review? I think you should check again :)

OlgerO1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

At least some gaming sites are pretty positive

Irishguy951770d ago

Mixed reviews so far, unless you trust destructoid more than other sites?(Which is fine, I trust some Reviewers more than others, Polygon is essentially the one you just get to laugh at)

G20WLY1770d ago

I shall now purchase this game :)

AlphaGamingNerd1770d ago

& polygon gave it a 6 polygons exposed like always

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