PlayStation 4 Reviewed: Games and Hardware (Eurogamer)

Nine months after it was unveiled in wintry New York City, PlayStation 4 finally goes on sale in North America this week and Europe at the end of the month. Over the past week we have played and reviewed all the big games and gotten to know the hardware itself, so if you're on the fence about whether to buy a PS4, hopefully some of our coverage below will help. Alternatively, if you already have one on pre-order, this is an opportunity to learn a bit more about your new toy.

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Mr_cheese1772d ago

I think it would be hard to review both ps4 and xb1 this early in the launch because a lot of things need to be ironed out and implemented. The consoles will evolve much more of the next few years and will more than likely boast many additional capabilities between then and now.

Games won't change once released, systems will.

SniperControl1772d ago

Aren't euro-gamer xbox biased anyway?

They gave Knack 4/10? WTF?

While it may not be perfect, the game has received some favorable reviews on other places on the net.

Dead_Cell1772d ago

Favourable to some, unfavourable to others. That doesn't imply xbox favouritism, it implies personal opinions.

It's all swings & roundabouts.

1772d ago