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Guerrilla Games needs to recognize that it's not plot points and politics that move its games, but the bullets and guns. If the campaign could take a step back from the spectacle to focus on core concepts and feedback loops, the qualities that make the multiplayer suite so flexible and entertaining could make the campaign even stronger. Killzone Shadow Fall is easy to recommend as a launch title, and it's also a fantastic shooter on its own merits, regardless of hardware or history.

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sigfredod1708d ago

Can't wait to get into the Warzone!!

hulk_bash19871708d ago

I'll see you in there man. Friday can't come any sooner.

Boody-Bandit1708d ago

ME 3!
I'm picking mine up midnight tomorrow. I probably will play the SP, get some sleep, than jump online when I wake up.

StraightPath1708d ago

titanfall the killer app. this is average failed 71% metacritic

Aggesan1707d ago

Titanfall is hyped and seems really good, but mind you it haven't been released or even finished yet, so hold your horses on calling it a killer app.

SoapShoes1707d ago

How so when it's on 360? No one's getting Xbox One for Titanfall.

obliteratorFTW1708d ago

Where is ps4rulz. Must be crying in a corner that killzone got 9 and now 8.8 score. Aww poor lad.

WeAreLegion1708d ago

I don't think he actually hates the PS4. He's just a troll account. Usually, N4G bans those. Not sure why he's still around.

Kane221708d ago

actually he's in the other pages that gave this game bad reviews right along with ps4.

FantasyStar1708d ago

Is there going to be any local play options for me and friends? The review didn't say anything about that.

mxrider21991707d ago

if you are talking about split screen no if you are talking about LAN party then idk maybe

chrissx1708d ago

Hoo hah! Ready 2 Kill som helghast in the Zone!

Dead_Cell1708d ago

Sounds like they crapped all over the AI for a second time in a row, which is a shame seeing as how unforgiving the Helghast were in Killzone 2.

I think I might pass on this, Warzone never really caught my interest in Killzone 2 & 3 so if the AI really is limited, I'll just give it a miss.