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GS:Contrast is a game concerned with intangible ideas: the substance of a shadow, and the makeup of a child's broken heart. As a mysterious figure named Dawn, you aid a young girl named Didi in her efforts to prevent her family from falling apart. You don't exist fully in Didi's reality; rather, she is the only person you can see and who can see you. Everyone else appears as a mere shadow projected on the wall, and you yourself have the ability to shift between a corporeal, three-dimensional existence and a silhouetted, two-dimensional one. Contrast conjures up a captivating and surreal mid-20th century European atmosphere of jazz clubs and cabaret singers, and its use of shadows is sometimes striking. But Contrast's puzzles and platforming rarely call for you to do more than go through the motions, and far too often, the roughness of its physics shatters the elegant ambiance of its world.

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u got owned1742d ago

PS4 games getting a lot of bad reviews. :/

sigfredod1742d ago

this site hate the PS4, is a joke page

Saviour1742d ago

not just this sites many sites claiming its an ok game while knack is poor but resogun seems amazing so far.

JustPlay41742d ago

You do know this is not a ps4 exclusive right?

Moncole1742d ago

Its a multiplatform game.

Neonridr1742d ago

Flower and Resogun seem to be the indie gems of the launch titles.

rayzorn1742d ago

still looking forward to it. I like puzzle games and its free so what the hell. I enjoyed that closure game and I don't think many people did.

svoulis1742d ago

It's free, and its getting mixed reviews. This happens a lot with indies.

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The story is too old to be commented.