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GS:Mercy is not part of Knack's vocabulary. He happily uppercuts a defeated enemy into a steaming lake of molten lava and flings an aircraft by its tail into the unforgiving ground. And don't believe for a second that he sheds a single tear for the pilot engulfed in the flaming wreckage; Knack doesn't let sentimentality distract him from a good fight. The only thing he desires more than brutal destruction is finding creative ways to exterminate his many foes. At least that's how the cutscenes play out. When you're given control, Knack mindlessly punches his way through corridor after corridor of enemies, and you're left wondering why Knack gets to have so much more fun than you do.

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The_Villager1655d ago

Damn now that's disappointing.

Mr_cheese1655d ago

It is a shame that the launch titles are getting low reviews, but it shouldn't put people of their chosen systems. The generation hasn't even begun yet and there is a lot to play for. Many games will be announced from great studios on top of those that are already revealed. This is the warm up stage to entice us.

With the heavy competition between ms and Sony, I think we are in fora treat this generation as we see things being pushed furtherance further

ChrisW1655d ago

Disappointing, but not unexpected.

As soon as I saw the video for this game months back, I immediately had low expectations. Would have it been nice to be wrong and find out that it's a wonderfully fun game? Sure!!! But alas, it seems that it isn't.

otherZinc1655d ago

Seems like Knack is going in that same giant hole in New Mexico where ET on Atari 2600 was buried.

B-radical1654d ago

HAHAHAHAH best comment i have read for a while

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nofallouthero1655d ago

dang, i was hoping this would be good but oh well more where that came from.

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The story is too old to be commented.