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GS:The Killzone series has often been lauded for its technological merits, but its artistic merits go too often unheralded. To define these games through terms like "IBL sampling" and "particle vertices" diminishes their striking beauty. Like its predecessors, Killzone: Shadow Fall is likely to be described through a technical lens, and the game certainly deserves praise for how many polygons it packs into its most expansive landscapes. Its buttery-smooth performance is also bound to earn kudos: Shadow Fall smooths away the frame rate hitches and texture pop-in we've become so accustomed to in even the most visually impressive console shooters.

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StraightPath1707d ago

71% metacritic average at best and a rental. Killzone will never be up there with the triple AAA FPS games such as Battlefield, Halo , Half Life , Metroid and so on.

Funny thing fanboys have always talked about graphics regarding killzone and never the actual game. Why because it was average.

HammerKong1707d ago

yeqah man just look at the pro orders of this game ,i think most fanbiys are silly and those hig numbers are only from fanboys ,they made this game hype and now its turn out to be silly game let them see amazing graphics and we must playgood games ,i was knowing it would happen and i contributed monw with my some frends and incidently ps4 was delivered at my home early and when i played this game and i was only saying my friend to return my money to me .

zeal0us1707d ago

Metroid? dafuq? You should have stopped at Half Life.

SoapShoes1707d ago

Uhhh Battlefield 4 didn't do so hot either, I'd say they dropped the ball as it could have been so much better.

Irishguy951707d ago

So whats the excuse for this site Sony fanboys? They were paid off by MS right :)

As the gameplay trailers clearly show, GG have yet again did **** all with the gameplay to make it stand out and just went for graphics. GG got lucky with KZ2 and are simply average devs. Same as Crytek

asmith23061707d ago

KZ was never popular. KZ2 was awesome and got a lot of praise because GG managed to pull off the graphics that no said they could after finding out the trailer for it was pre-rendered. I expected an 8, but I am sad to hear that it was described as a Halo/COD gameplay feel. That couldn't be further from KZ2 :(

Darrius Cole1707d ago

I don't know if it is luck as much as it is a conscious decision and specific role to play on a team.

I do believe that GG takes it to be their job to make the most graphically pleasing game that they can even at the expense of gameplay. They question is whether or not they think that is the best way to make a game or not. Personally my hunch is that Sony studios wants GG to emphasize the graphics even at the expense of gameplay because it shows off the hardware. Also, it probably forces them to discover programming technology that other Sony studios use in making their games.

FamilyGuy1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Bull, the game is being heavily critiqued on it's single player in almost every 7 or lower review. All while the two big multiplatform FPSs get a pass on their (4 hour) single players because "fans buy this for the multiplayer".

Why is it okay to have high expectations for one but not the other and have review scores affected by it?

"GG have yet again did **** all with the gameplay to make it stand out and just went for graphics"

You're even worse than the reviewers because you haven't played any part of the game and make claims like this. The introduction of the OWL alone negates your statement completely. It's a new game play mechanic that's being praised in every review yet look a the bs you just spewed. That's a "stand out" feature if I ever saw one and gun transitions, sound and ability to tackle objectives in multiple ways are stand out as well.
You're just full of hate and have been and using these scores as vindication for your obvious negativity towards just about everything. All I ever see you make is negative comments.

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