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VideoGamer: "Guerrilla Games is a master at creating technically excellent but utterly lifeless titles – the 'game' element is seemingly little more than an interactive showcase for its skills. Killzone: Shadow Fall is both ahead and behind the times, with gameplay sadly falling into the latter category."

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Bigpappy1736d ago

I have been gaming for many years. I was accused of trolling for pointing this out. May be now you will acknowledge that I am being sincere. I am not the only one to see that the gameplay does not elevate to the graphics for a next gen title. That is not the same as saying that it is a bad game. Not at all.

WeAreLegion1736d ago

What would you do to improve the game play?

Bigpappy1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

First I would have the AI be more aware of there surroundings. You should have to be strategic about who you are going to take out first, and that should require serious thought. As it is, the stealth portion is way to easy. The shooting should show the AI hitting you with heavy fire and allowing their guys to get cover and more in on you. You should have to thing about getting in the best position to gain advantage. That doesn't seem necessary from what I watched.

@ WeAreLegion: Thanks for asking a good question. That is how we can have a discussion even if we disagree.

WeAreLegion1736d ago

No problem. I just think that some of the reviewers aren't trying hard mode. Have you ever played Killzone on Hard? It's freaking impossible!

I really do appreciate the nice response though. :)

Game-ur1736d ago

KZ games are known for great AI, it was strang seeing this, could be because he was pkaying on easy to quickly finish the review.

Utalkin2me1736d ago

Well said reviewer kind of contradicts himeself "Stealth is encouraged, but rarely necessary". So you took the whole running and gunning approach and then turn around and lumped it into every other shooter and says it does nothing new. Try playing it on it's hardest level and see if you don't have to constantly make good use of owl or stealth.

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WeAreLegion1736d ago

Jesus Christ. They added tons of new mechanics! What do you want from them? A racing game?

Budz_McGr33n1736d ago

I played this at my friend's house and completed the campaign. He got a PS4 early by winning it from Taco Bell! This game has pretty good graphics, but meh gameplay. I'd give it a solid 7/10. Nothing mind blowing.

WeAreLegion1736d ago

Meh as in...what? You shoot a gun. That's what you do in an FPS.

UbiquitousClam1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

So this can just be put in the same category as Ryse on xbox one. Its just a technical showcase of what can be achieved but as a game its nothing new. Just another generic FPS.