OPM UK Resogun PS4 review – twin-stick shooter brings out the big guns

OPM UK - When you complete a level in Resogun, the robot voice of the game’s announcer (Anne Droid, we’ll call her) emerges from the DualShock 4 in your hands and makes a simple observation: “Armageddon”. As gloomy a proposition as the end of the world may be – even the alien prison-colony one you’ve been whizzing about trying to free the last remnants of humanity – she sounds pleased. Apparently even synthetic beings dig firework displays.

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ZodTheRipper1777d ago

Not surprising, it's Housemarque after all! Looking forward to playing this soon =)

rayzorn1777d ago

hell yeah loved stardust and dead nations I will try anything they produce. cant believe it is a free plus game on release day. woot. might pop this in before my bought games to try it out.