IGN: Killzone Shadow Fall Review

Killzone has always been a bleak-looking game, a product of its equally bleak story surrounding two factions of warring humans, the Vektans and the Helghast, but Shadow Fall one makes a welcome turn for the colorful.

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xHeavYx1711d ago

8 is a solid score,I thought IGN would rate it lower to be honest

-Foxtrot1711d ago

It is a solid score....but the same old COD gets an 8.8

I mean WTF.....

SpringHeeledJack1711d ago

So they are saying COD ghosts is a better game scoring it 8.8, haha gtfo no way.

Septic1711d ago

Yeah please someone explain how COD gets 8.8 and this gets 8? I honestly don't get ign.

Anyway, screw it. The game is what YOU make of it. I can't wait to try it out. Even at a cursory glance, this game looks leaps and bounds above COD.


Actually i recommend watching the video review instead of reading, seems like he really liked the game but with only minor issues.
Also the multiplayer looks amazing!

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hulk_bash19871711d ago

Cant't wait till Friday, all the reviews in the world cant kill my excitement for the PS4 fully paid for and waiting to be picked up.

GarrusVakarian1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

8/10, 9/10, 5/10

This is why review scores are pointless....they are just opinions of strangers. Just watch footage for yourself and judge your purchase from that. The only opinion that matters should be your own. Im going to buy this game regardless if its gets straight 10's or straight 1/10's.

Edit: @I am batman

Yeah, thanks for noticing that, my bad.

I_am_Batman1711d ago

Reviews aren't pointless. Review scores are pointless. The problem is that most people only look at the scores and compare it to totally different games to determine which is better.

Saviour1711d ago

true, review scores shouldn't be considered when picking games but tbh if xbox game had goten these scores forum would be exploding now. but good to see sensible peoples still surf these forums

badz1491711d ago

I love KZM and from what I've seen I think I would love KZSF too.

sparced1711d ago

Call of Duty and Battlefield are given a pass for producing the same game year after year. Killzone gets it in the neck for not being breaking new ground.

Kotaku have stated with their review they reviewed Killzone's multiplayer after having only 3 hours of playtime at a publisher event. I find that absolutely shocking and is probably the case with site.

All that time and energy invested in a game for journalists to basically give a first impression as it's lasting score.

Blaze9291711d ago

lol im bouncing review from review here on n4g reading these comments. LOL so now reviews dont matter and EVERY site is somehow biased and mad they didnt get free stuff from sony? yeah, ok

pivotplease1711d ago

You don't believe this game is a 5 out of 10 right? There might be some people stretching the truth with talks of bribes, but bias is never out of the question (and it applies to all systems). Shadow Fall, for its time, appears to be on par if not better than the PS3's best launch game, Resistance. Wouldn't you agree?

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first1NFANTRY1711d ago

Solid score for a launch title. Much better than Cod and BF4. My body is ready.

The_Villager1711d ago

Not surprised by this score one bit.

chrissx1711d ago

Ps4 era of Domination Begins!

Volkama1711d ago

It ends on 22nd!

Trolling trolls can be fun.

Thehyph1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

I'll take a review from Colin over Polygon. Colin is probably the only video game reviewer on any site that I've yet to disagree with. Can't say the same about the rest of IGN.

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