Eurogamer - Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

EG:Making the flagship launch game for a new console - a role Killzone Shadow Fall plays for PlayStation 4 - can be a make-or-break moment for a game developer. The opportunity is immense: the world's eyes will be on your game. But there are risks too. You need to make the game on a tight schedule, to a hard deadline, and on shifting technical sands. You're going to have to cut features and corners; the game is probably not going to be quite what you wanted it to be. Just ask Bungie how right this can go. Just ask Rare how wrong.

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Every reviewer just got the PS4 console less than 2 days ago, how can they play SP and MP so fast? and how can they judg the MP when servers are virtually empty? How can they even play online? The OS day1 patch just went live today