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Like Skylanders or Traveler's Tales LEGO games, Knack is a fairly straight-ahead brawler with a visual charm that will appeal to younger gamers. As you dig into its design, you'll initially be wowed by the prospect of Knack's promise of changing the main character's scale. Moving from tiny Knack to big Knack as you progress through the levels adds a wonderful sense of scale. Unfortunately, none of Knack's strengths are enough to overcome its confused tone and an overly restrictive design that ensures you're never anywhere the designers don't want you to be.

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4Sh0w1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Damm, IGN did not like this, but its just one review. I can't say this looks promising though, I mentioned last week that I tried the Knack demo and it was very underwhelming imo. But you never know opinions vary so I really do hope for better impressions because it might just be one of those games that some reviewers/gamers can really get into.

edit Agreed Neonridr, kind of what I was getting at.

Neonridr1775d ago

granted you can't please everyone. They gave ZombiU like a 6.5 or something and I loved that game.

To each their own, play it for yourself.

ZBlacktt1775d ago

Steve Butts, anyone know who this guy is? No, of course not. He is again some guy giving his opinion about a game not suited for his style of gaming. Take reviews just as that. You are not going to feel the same way or maybe you will. Play it for yourself and see. Never ever ever look at some random guys opinion as fact. No matter who he works for or what they think their opinions is worth.

Nujabes_1775d ago

This game is currently sitting with a 59 metacritic score. I think it's fair to say it's not a good game, regardless of who reviewed it.

ZBlacktt1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

So the game hasn't come out yet to the general public and people who have never even played it all agree with this score. Lets be real here....

Look at this, how in the world could you hate on this! Think about who the game is marketed to as well. I played it at PAX over the summer and I loved it. Very good looking game. Much like Little Big Planet to me in visuals.

Jdoki1775d ago

There's a lot of very mixed scores coming out for all the PS4 launch games right now.

I've seen Knack scores between 4 and 8

Killzone between 5 and 9.

Seems reviewers don' know what to make of the next gen yet.


Agreed, it is a point I tried to make a while back, why I generally don't put any stock into reviews and these so called games "journalists" (and that is used in the loosest sense of the word). I don't want to be part of their agendas, don't care for them, most of them are just plain garbage, with their heads stuck so far up their own @$$es, that it's no wonder people that try to rely on the reviews that are out there get so confused. It is more likely you can piece together more truth from comment sections like this, than any of the sites we comment in. Just my 2 cents.