Sony Introduces Play On Gaming Rewards

TechRaptor - As a Playstation owner and advocate myself, I’m glad to see Sony giving back to its loyal customers. Sony is now introducing the Play On Gaming Rewards. While rewards programs like this tend to be a way to get you to dig deeper into your wallet than you would have already, if you’re a true fan and use Sony on a regular basis then you’re probably purchasing a lot of these items to begin with and this rewards program will only serve to lighten the financial load.

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xSHADOWx1772d ago

Do hope something like this comes to the UK/Europe :)

nikrel1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I got mine last week going to be putting my ps4 on it, didn't know about the 5x points on first purchase... I wasted that on something like 5 bucks on the psn.. O well.

I'm wondering if I should go Physical or digital for purchases now with my card...

theXtReMe11772d ago

I also signed up last week. Places like target and the Sony store have 3 to 5x the points back. Quite a lot if you're going to buy something like a TV for $2000 or $3000 or a receiver or something. It's a great way to get games and Sony wallet money.

Donnywholovedbowling1772d ago

Checked my points balance the other day and had 9300 points. Used some points for a retail copy of Diablo III for PS3 and a $10 PSN card. Not a bad program!