OPM UK Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 review – A new war for a new generation

OPM UK - So you’ve gone for the Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 bundle have you? Or you’re at least eyeing it up? Well rest easy, there are enough next-gen sparkles here to make it a clear winner when showing off your new PlayStation 4, while still providing a satisfyingly crunchy shooter with more substance than you might expect. There are tangible demonstrations of power throughout the experience in terms of sweeping vistas and eye-widening set pieces but, most importantly, the new tech has been used wisely to add fresh spins to the gameplay.

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ANIALATOR1361777d ago

seems like an 8 out of 10 game then

gillri1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

An official publication giving a relatively high-score to an exclusive?

who'd a'thunk?

EdoubleD1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

What? Gtfo here, there are 7-8/10s everywhere.

The game is great going off of reviews. That is OK when it comes to launch titles. The heavy hitters won't be around for a couple of months and that's fine.

Go troll somewhere else.

skoorydook1777d ago

Around 8 seems to be the logical score to accept

ChrisW1777d ago

For those who are shocked and surprised that this isn't getting a perfect 10...

If it were on the PS3, it obviously would be a perfect 10.

But for next gen, the bar must be raised to meet higher expectations.

skoorydook1777d ago

I for one am happy enough at the reviews coming in KZ seems to be splitting people ranging from poor to excellent that's fine we all have different tastes, I like the franchise so am optimistic.

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