IGN: Knack Review

IGN Reviews the PS4 Exclusive Knack in this video review.

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sobotz1709d ago

LOL where's the people who said this is much better than Ryse/Dead Rising 3?

SonyNGP1709d ago

I still think it's better than Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

darthv721708d ago

Knack...the sleeper hit of 2013.

BiggCMan1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Right here, because it's our opinion, which matters more than one other person. Or even the plethora of critics who may not enjoy this game, which is perfectly fine with me.

I am very excited about this game, and if you all you want to do is be a pathetic fanboy, then i'm sorry to say you have a pathetic life.

B-radical1708d ago

I respect what you had to say....people on this site bashed me for choosing to pre order x1 before getting a ps4. I still stuck with my decision no matter what anyone said......... Be it killzone or knack who care's what the reviewers and fanboys say if your interested in it get it.

I_am_Batman1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Here. I never actually said that. Why would you compare Knack to Dead Rising. But I'm sure I'll have much more fun with Knack than I would've gotten with DR3.

sobotz1709d ago

Because fanboys who are comparing them in the first place

The_Villager1709d ago

Wow I was expecting a low score but not that low...

IanVanCheese1709d ago

Ouch, I've played a bit of it and it seemed 7/10 area but I wasn't expecting that low.

Still people seem to forget that anything above 5 is worth playing (in my book anyway). I'll still pick it up when I get a PS4 next year.