Two New Forza Motorsport 5 Career Trailers Released

Turn 10 Studios released two brand new trailers of the Xbox One exclusive game Forza Motorsport 5.

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Drewidian1650d ago

I love that 'Captain Slow" is talking about American Muscle cars.

P0werVR1650d ago

American Muscle. American "Middle class" speed. Nothing more.

GrizzliS19871650d ago

i love how they pass the show room as gameplay or something. game has 200 cars, like 60% less than what Forza 4 had.

14 tracks, when forza 4 had like 30.

no day night cycle, million other things and somehow this game is frowned upon. what?

P0werVR1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


I'm getting Forza...which means I'm getting Xbox One. I just believe muscle cars are irrelevant. GT career I am most definitely interested in.

ezlife1650d ago

did anyone notice that shelby is not an 07, its a 13 with 662 hp and 631 fpt

GarrusVakarian1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

James May! The traditional Englishman.

Anyone else preparing to spend hours in autovista mode like i am? Damn that Mustang is sexy.


To be honest, I was never really a racing sim fan until I played Forza 4, and spent so much time in the autovista.

This may sound strange but the autovista made me want to drive the cars thus making me enjoy the game that much more.

FANTA11801650d ago

as a huge car fanatic ,.... so happy to get this next week.

very excited

dumahim1650d ago

Strange they didn't have the secret American do the muscle cars. So there's only like 6 of these things, right? I hope the presenters are in the game more than just that.

Glad they spent so much time on quality and have James talking about a 2007 Mustang while showing a 2013 model.

cyhm31121650d ago

It is funny to see some people treat dog's poo as real gold.

Nujabes_1650d ago

Exactly. What's so special about Knack?

Shellcase1650d ago

Its cow poo lol Knack look corny as hell...

PixelNinja1650d ago

@Shellcase, You mean Cerny as hell, ha...ha.. ha.

I'll just leave.

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