The Sixth Axis has a Friday lunchtime rant

The Sixth Axis starts a new feature this week: the Friday Lunchtime Read. First up is a little bit of a rant against Konami and Sony. If you're fed up of bad interface decisions and shoddy development then this is for you:

Every Friday TSA will be running a nice, lengthy article based on the news of the week, specially designed to fill your otherwise boring lunch hour. Unless you're like TSA and spend it in the pub, of course, in which case it'll still be there when you get back, stinking of cheap lager.

This week's theme is obviously the whole Metal Gear Online shambles, and is lovingly titled: MGO Beta, a revelation.

I have seen the light, by what chance I do not know, but I have managed to get a peek at god's divine plan. Blinding and illuminating as it were, I instinctively closed my eyes upon happening upon it, an instinctive reaction to a mirage so overwhelming, so beyond the intellect of mere mortals that if I had not closed my eyes that very moment then my mind might have been crushed under the weight of its magnificence.

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Bazookajoe_833859d ago

Nothing really of interest...

moujahed3859d ago

*reads first coulple os sentences*

*ask's self, "wtf is he talking about?"*

*turns on PS3 signs and into MGO*

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