Here's 12 Minutes of Knack Gameplay

Check out this brand new video of Knack, the PlayStation 4 game developed by SCEJ under the direction of Mark Cerny himself.

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HolyDuck1770d ago

Looks okay I guess not my cup of tea but some people will enjoy it.

remanutd551770d ago

Thats my kinda game, cant wait dont care about review scores.

GarrusVakarian1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Agreed, not my thing but i will rent it and give it a go. I might end up really enjoying it, who knows?.

Last_Boss1770d ago


That's exactly what Knack is supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less. When I was a kid these type if games gave you cavities. They were the sweet junk food, our parents let us OD on in the silent dark.

Lboogieskells1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

The co-op aspect makes this game look hot.

I'm impressed

Small Knack is more cool than giant Knack.

Lboogieskells1770d ago

Look at those amazing visuals @ 5:56

ramiuk11770d ago

fed up of youtube ruining games.

ruefrak1770d ago

This game is EXACTLY what I've been looking for.

In 2006 I bought a Wii because I was burned out on the brutal action games I was seeing on every other system. I wanted something light, colorful, and fun.
Now, after spending so much time with the same, dark action games, or games like The Last of Us, I want something light, colorful and fun... without having to buy a WiiU. I'm burned out on the gore and violence (for right now).

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