Xbox One allows us to "turn everything up and up and up", says Need for Speed: Rivals developer

OXM: "Senior producer discusses frame rate, resolution and "evocative" sunrises"

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MultiConsoleGamer1589d ago

What bloated hyperbole. "Up and up and up." What does that even mean?

PR talk aside, I enjoy this series and will definitely pick up a copy of the next game.

bicfitness1589d ago

It means everything except anti-aliasing and ansiotropic filtering, both of which Forza is clearly lacking. At least its 1080p. So there's that. But as far as being impressive on a technical level, it falls flat. MS need to stop with the chest pounding on specs and focus on what makes their box different and worth the extra $100. It certainly isn't power people are paying for. So what is it that makes the X1 and its games and features unique. That should be the question they are seeking to answer and the messaging they are conveying to consumers.

dirigiblebill1589d ago

"MS need to stop with the chest pounding on specs and focus on what makes their box different and worth the extra $100."

The interview is with a chap from EA.

Volkama1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

And it isn't about Forza. We've progressed from not reading full articles to not even reading the titles :)

Good catch on the cars theme though.

Dread1589d ago


I just spilled my coffee when I read your post.

That was too funny dude..bubbles up

kickerz1589d ago

I think maybe it's you beating your chest. Like a gorilla in a jungle

ambientFLIER1589d ago

Volkama...second time I bubble you up in 30 seconds. Lol.

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Bigpappy1589d ago

It means they keep finding more ways to improve performance (more juice if you will). Don't worry, he did say anything negative about PS4.

mightyhokie1589d ago

someone disagreed with this?? wow. talk about blinders...

people, some friendly advice:
never, ever refuse to enjoy a good Spinal Tap reference.

Knushwood Butt1589d ago

Up and up and up, into teh cloud.

MotoDot1589d ago

I died from laughing xD

kickerz1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I like the cloud.. I just wana roll around in those nice white fluffy servers.

Saviour1589d ago

well if they praise ps4, thn "its amazing tech piece" but when its xbox thn "What bloated hyperbole". meh fanboys!

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Belking1589d ago

Thats because xbox is custom design and not thrown together shelved pc parts.

MysticStrummer1589d ago

A custom design that results in lower power seems like an odd choice, but MS can run their business how they please.

XxGOWxX1589d ago

I find it funny how "gamers" are focusing on pure hardware specs and not on the actual games being made for each console. Its like they dont care about what theyre playing as long as its the best hardware theyre playing it on. Very interesting.

Utalkin2me1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )


Well i think people are more pointing out hardware is cause, in the last 2 generations of consoles who has put out better games? MS or Sony? Sony has a great track record of pushing boundaries of game on a technical level and a gameplay level with their first party studios. So i wouldn't see why it would be any different this time around.

Considering you just joined 2 weeks ago.

MysticStrummer1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

@GOW - Specs are being focused on because for months there was denial from MS and their diehard fans about which way the wind was blowing. As more information came out confirming that forecast, the denial continued. 720p was predicted. That prediction was scoffed at, then proven. Then, days later, the same people who predicted 720p were being scoffed at again about another prediction. They had just been proven correct, yet suddenly their next prediction was automatically worthless. Yesterday, someone actually said the whole resolution thing was a "stunt" by Sony, as if MS didn't respond by saying resolution isn't everything. There would be no reason whatsoever for MS to say that if PS4 wasn't really pushing a higher resolution, but this particular person refused to acknowledge that simple fact.

Does the power gap matter in terms of gameplay? Maybe, maybe not. Hard to say at this point, but Best Games and Best Specs are two different conversations. I don't think the focus on specs is any more interesting than any other "I told you so" situation. Should it matter for people who really want to play XB exclusives? No, it shouldn't. In the end, who has the best games is entirely subjective. The same can't be said when you start comparing things like resolution, and no… upscaling isn't just as good when you're comparing what each console is pushing visually.

Jeedai Infidel1589d ago

XxGOWxX, I think it's time we differentiate gaming enthusiasts from console enthusiasts.

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xJumpManx1589d ago

ps4 aint looking so hot, ign gave knack a 5.9 and killzone a 8. Maybe they coul use thd ability to turn something up.

strickers1589d ago

8is a good score. They also gave Resogun a 9 and Flower a 9.5.

xJumpManx1589d ago

I am sure it will be fine but the sony launch games did not look very good and when you even have to mention little indie titles you know you are in trouble.

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Sadist31589d ago

But I thought the Xbox One couldn't do 1080p...

Childprod1gy1589d ago

It can do 1080p fine, but because it's new technology it'll take a little bit for developers to get used to it and make games that run better on both consoles. Forza is also 1080p, just because somebody says something won't work doesn't mean it won't, look into stuff, don't hang on other peoples word. That my friend is how Hitler became a leader.

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