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Uncharted and Gravity Rush Staying on Vita PS+ for "Foreseeable Future"

Vita owners have been patiently waiting for the yearly PlayStation Plus update, removing Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush from the service and replacing it with something a little fresher. We'll need to wait a little more, as Sony's Fred Dutton confirms the two games will be sticking around for the "foreseeable future." (Gravity Rush, PS Vita, Uncharted: Golden Abyss)

psDrake  +   529d ago
For the current Vita owners it sucks, I know. On the other hand, Uncharted & GR & Wipeout offer a really attractive value to any potential buyer...

It's not like there are other great games they can replace them with, so I understand the decision...
matgrowcott  +   529d ago
I'd be happy with LittleBigPlanet, but ultimately it doesn't matter. I've got more than enough from the two games a month, and we're not missing out on anything by not having them updated.
TwilightSparkle  +   529d ago
I wish they would put persona 4 on ps +
RedHawk02  +   529d ago
I would love that so much.
SolidGear3  +   529d ago
LOL, why the disagrees just for saying you love something?!
erikthegman  +   529d ago
Little big planet and soul sacrifice could replace them
Clover904  +   529d ago
Soul Sacrifice is coming to NA ps plus soon :)
Lucreto  +   529d ago
I expect it will change in June with the PS3 games. It seems odd to have them on two different dates.
Clover904  +   529d ago
Uncharted and Gravity Rush are two of the Vita's heavy hitters. I completely understand why Sony isn't quick to replace these titles in light of the new enthusiasm surrounding the Vita brand (Remote Play, Vita TV).

And anyone who has a Vita and a ps3 has PLENTY of games in their backlog thanks to ps plus. I can't keep up, especially once I add a ps4 in the mix. I'm one happy gamer.
tigertron  +   529d ago
Two of my favourite Vita Plus titles. :D
tubers  +   529d ago
Not bad. I don't think there's anything like GR to replace it.

UCGA, IMO, can only be replaced by KZ:M but it's unlikely because it only came out recently.

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