Early PlayStation 4 User Updates His Console Through USB, Reveals PS Store, Install Sizes and More

CJ, known on twitter as cjcool804, actually got his PlayStation 4 by just walking into his local retail store. He has been kind enough to share information and pictures of his PlayStation 4 and the UI and how some of the settings look like.

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GentlemenRUs1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Lucky Git!

Well least we know that said update is a final build and will work wonders :P

EDIT: Just had to comment on it, Back to my hibernation which will last till the 29th.

thereapersson1742d ago

it's just awesome that you can download the update online even before the console launches.

MajorAly1742d ago

No he wasn't banned. The Day One update wasn't live on the direct access servers. The update went live today and even so he was facing problems downloading it directly on the PS4 but then later downloaded the update from the official PS site and updated.

No banning or anything.

isa_scout1742d ago

Thats one lucky dude. Tomorrow night people...Greatness awaits!!!!

goldwyncq1742d ago

Glad to hear he didn't get banned.

MasterCornholio1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

No one should get banned for receiving their console early. Whats even worse is that Microsoft locked some parts of the poor guys system like system settings for example.

Edit: Either Microsoft blocked system settings or theres a bug that prevents him from accessing it.

XxGOWxX1742d ago

his console will be unbanned on the release date and the guy gets to go to the launch party courtesy of MS so dont think this guy has been hard done by.

Utalkin2me1742d ago


He will get his system unbanned. And the launch party only came after bad press MS was getting for the fact of banning a innocent person.

XxGOWxX1742d ago

They really needed a new theme

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