Top 100 Games of the Generation: The Last of Us #1

hardcoregamer:" The Last of Us was an unparalleled achievement in gaming. Although not enough time has gone by for its inspirations to be fully felt, it’s as close to an instant classic as a game can get and will surely be remembered in the decades to come. Pushing the PS3 to its limits and looking like a next-gen game, The Last of Us is absolutely beautiful, drawing players in with its abandoned cityscapes and depictions of the wonder of nature. There’s multiple moments that have stuck in player’s minds long after experiencing it and it’s hard for it not to feel like a fine piece of art in that respect."

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GarrusVakarian1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Right up there with Fallout 3, Skyrim, Red Dead, Heavy Rain, GTA5 and ME1 + ME2 imo.

xHeavYx1742d ago

I agree, the game is a masterpiece, even if the fact that it is #1 will hurt the feelings of people who never played the game

gillri1742d ago

No ME2? I prefer ME1 in alot of ways to ME2 but all in all I thought ME2 was the better game

GarrusVakarian1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Fixed it :) Don't know why i didn't include 2 because i think its pretty much a better game in almost every aspect. The only thing i liked more about ME1 was the mako and the rpg elements that got taken away in ME2.

Lannister1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

If by overrated you mean NOT overrated then yeah, I agree.

Philoctetes1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Not even close to overrated. I don't know that it's necessarily THE game of this generation since so much of that is going to be subjective and vary from one person to the next, but I'm pretty comfortable saying that it's my personal GOTG.

It basically comes down to TLOU vs. Demon's Souls for me.

admiralvic1742d ago

How can you say it's "not even close to overrated"? The game might be good, might be great, but some people act like it's some divine game that transcends reality and its existence makes all other games seem like Amy. I mean, unless you honestly believe it's so great that it does all the aforementioned things, then you should be able to admit that it might be on some level overrated.

Philoctetes1742d ago

I'm saying it's not even close to overrated because when people talk about it being the best game of this generation, they're at least in the right ballpark. Yes, I know TLOU will not cure cancer.

MultiConsoleGamer1742d ago

In my top 10? Definitely. Number 1? Hell no.

Ezz20131742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

nothing wrong with having different opinion and at least it's on your top 10 list this gen
can you list your top 10 list though ?!

here is my list:
1.The last of us
2.God of war 3
3.Batman Arkham origins/Uncharted 2
4.Red Dead Redimption/Fallout 3
5.Demon Souls/Dark Souls
6.Metal gear soild 4/Mass Effect 2
7.Infamous 2/LBP2
8.Heavy Rain/Beyond Two Souls
9.Lord Of Shadows/Ni No Kuni

sooooooo many awesome games this gen

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

good list....uncharted 2 my #1 of this gen tho....followed by the last of us.

TheFallenAngel1742d ago

God of War 3 is my number one. Then
The Last of Us
Uncharted 2&3
Metal Gear Solid 4
Resistance:Fall of Man
Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare.
Dead Rising 1
Red Dead Redemption

Ezz20131742d ago

@dagr8jibraltar and @thefallenangel

i'm ok with this too

Larry L1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

IMO the "Top 10" for me, or at least the Top 5......they're all pretty much tied for #1. I wouldn't choose between them. A top 10 or whatever list is impossible. Top lists in gaming need to be split up into genres to be anything other than a long list of highly rated games.

So that said, all my #1's are.........

#1 MGS4
#1 Heavy Rain
#1 Dragon Age: Origins
#1 Uncharted 2
#1 Skyrim
#1 God of War 3
#1 GTA5
#1 Batman Arkham City
#1 Gears of War 1 and 2
#1 Gran Turismo 5

Honorable #1 mention: LEGO Games, especially Star Wars and MARVEL. Also ME1, CoD4, GRAW2 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 1.

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gillri1742d ago

its my No.2 of the generation

kratos_TheGoat1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

better then halo 4 gtv vice city god of war 2,3 mario glaxey batman aa red dead uncharted 2, gear of war 1, twight princess half life 2 mgs3 etc

I respect his opinion last of us was great, game of the year with gta V gotd no no no

goldwyncq1742d ago

My Top 10 this gen:

2) GTA V
3)Uncharted 2
4)Little Big Planet 2
5)Batman Arkham City
7)Bioshock Infinite
8)Heavy Rain
10) MGS4

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