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Imonaboat11587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Healthy numbers for the Vita.

KrisButtar1587d ago

Not much difference from last weeks numbers for most of them anyways

Knushwood Butt1587d ago

Wow, interest in those new Wii U bundles died off quickly.

AWBrawler1587d ago

yet its still the highest selling game console in Japan for the week. so what's your point?

khyu77771587d ago

PS3 – 11,867
Wii – 579
Xbox 360 – 346

good job sony

Neonridr1587d ago

3DS - 81,817
Vita = 21,764

good job Nintendo??

thomasmiller1587d ago

looks like wii u is still number one big end console seller, hmm where are all the sony and microsoft trolls? oh wait, this is actually good news for Nintendo. just saw new nintendo direct, with 10 new things for mario 3d world, This is going to be the best mario game ever!!

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