Planetside 2 Is Not PS4's "Massively Multiplayer Halo." It Deserves Better, Sony

Dealspwn writes: "It was all going so well. Following last year's launch, Planetside 2 has evolved into probably the best free-to-play shooter on the market, offering truly enormous battles and a staggeringly generous economy. Sony Online Entertainment have been scurrying around to optimise the MMOFPS to run on a wider variety of PC specifications while tweaking mechanics and the metagame. A new patch is ready to download, a new continent is in the offing, a PS4 version is slated for next year and the future is bright.

And then SOE president John Smedley went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid like, "we believe that Planetside 2 is going to be the massively multiplayer Halo for PlayStation 4."

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Septic1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

How do you compare this to Halo though? Its a very different kind of FPS- its pace is completely different, its shooting elements will obviously be no where near as refined considering the scale of the game and its just, well different.

The only way its like Halo is that it has a sci-fi setting and vehicles.

"Every weapon can be earned with in-game currency"

Yeah amassing decent amounts of currency takes AGES. It got really frustrating getting sniped by people who had superior sniper rifles so I ended up paying £7 just so I could get one.

Blues Cowboy1775d ago

Exactly! Sony should be highlighting what a unique experience PS2 offers, not making stupid comparisons like this. That's the message of the article anyway.

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Bennibop1775d ago

I dont think they are comparing it, seems they are just trying to generate interest from the Halo fans. Seems a sensible thing to do in order to build your PS4 install base.

Lalanana1775d ago

Planetside 2 better than halo?

lmao.. bye all

MysticStrummer1775d ago

Halo is highly overrated imho. I never understood what the big deal was about that series. I played the first two for free, never finished either one, and never had the urge to check out any of the other sequels.

Infamous2981775d ago

Oh greeeeat, lalanana is back -_-.

Joe9131775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

He is not comparing the game to halo like characters or look he is saying he want this game to be looked at to Sony fans like Xbox fans look at halo like how popular it is. Basically he is saying he want it to be popular to Sony fans at least that is how it came across when I watched IGN lol.

Irishguy951775d ago

It's got nothing on Halo. Or Killzone, or Battlefield for that matter.

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DonMingos1775d ago

It really deserves better. It has it's unique elements. and it's a bomb that we will get this game on PS4 (FOR FREE!!!)

TedCruzsTaint1775d ago

I have a lot of respect for Sony as of the last few years. This is simply shit-talking based on the goodwill they have from gamers at the moment.

If you want to make a Killzone vs Halo comparison, fine. Not here though.
They are just trying to downplay the experience that Halo offers.
I play both Halo and Planetside and love them both for different reasons.
They are not the same game.

Blues Cowboy1775d ago

Totally agreed. It's chalk and cheese, and rather cynical to be honest. I can't understand why Sony aren't marketing PS2 more effectively.

If anything, Destiny will be the PS4's multiplayer Halo (not massively multiplayer, mind).

Hazmat131775d ago

isn't PlantSide 2 like 1,000 players? besides i see no relation between this and halo.

MasterCornholio1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Yes, the game is absolutely massive which is why the two dont play alike at all.

Kleptic1775d ago only takes about 3 minutes of playing PS2 to see why some would draw up similarities...the only drastically different aspect is its class system...

but...very similar sci-fi art style and setting...shield regen with specific amount of 'body' health...goofy alien vehicles that look like bugs...laser based weapons, etc...

mechanics wise its closer to Battlefield than the battles are gigantic...but, vehicle wise, halo and battlefield have always been somewhat similar in that regard...its just BF is a class and mostly objective based multiplayer game...and Halo was much more of a loan wolf type of thing, with vehicles...

i'm not saying i think ps2 is a rip of halo...just saying; i can see why some one think of it as a big open halo...

MasterCornholio1775d ago

Well since its FTP ill download and decide for myself whether its better than Halo.

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