1080p is Huge, Says Need for Speed: Rivals Dev

Gameranx: "A developer behind Need for Speed: Rivals has come out to tell the fans how important 1080p really is to games."

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sigfredod1706d ago

According to M$ not, lol

Septic1706d ago

"1080p is something that's really huge for us."

Just to clarify.

But yeah, it is for me too. Obviously gameplay trumps all but resolution isn't something to scoff at, especially when you have a gaming PC to compare current gen consoles too.

sigfredod1706d ago

exactly my point, huge for me, for the gamers, for the developers but not for M$

thereapersson1706d ago

The way the technology is going, I don't think it will take very long before all PS4 games are in 1080p (unless the developer chooses an artistic route regarding resolution).

u got owned1706d ago


i disagree, i think with games pushing better graphics (shaders, textures, effects..etc) later in the consoles cycle it will be harder for this consoles to hit the 1080p benchmark specially if they are also pushing high frame rates.

Axonometri1706d ago

Exactly. Nintendo has a legitimate excuse. What is M$ excuse? Kinect. Yet, Kinect focus is on operating the OS and where are the Kinect games for Xbox One?

Decision making at Xbox has been nightmarish.

Sarcasm1706d ago

^You guys do realize the only confirmed non-1080p game on PS4 is Battlefield 4 right?

1080p on the PS4 will be the norm.

thereapersson1706d ago

@ u got owned

Read the last part of my post, the part in parentheses.

Gamer19821705d ago

1080p in a racing game isn't that impressive.. Making a racing game that feels nex-gen is.. No racing game for the last few years has made me pick it up and say "wow this is amazing I gotta have this!".

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u got owned1706d ago

Nope, lets say you have Uncharted 1 playing at 1080p, that doesn't make it next gen. Resolution is just a small part of the equation.

DeadRabbits1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

@u got owned

A console not capable of standard 1080p does not inspire me with confidence it is next gen

CrusRuss1706d ago

Let me fix that for you.

"1080p IS Last Gen"

There... thats better.

dirigiblebill1706d ago

Except the article this borrows from is about the Xbox One version -->

1706d ago
GmIsOnPt3601706d ago

and frame rate not important to Sony eh....

OsirisBlack1706d ago

I really hope you are not talking about COD which is IW fault and they admitted as much by stating they will patch it to optimize the game. Let's see if they patch Dead Rising 3's 720p and below 20fps dips.

misterssippi1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

You do understand this game is native 1080p on both systems? Microsoft is correct, gameplay is the most important factor. Graphics are icing on the cake. Sony is now set to focus on indie titles (which Microsoft has been doing since 2005), and most of those indie titles will end up being I guess 1080p isn't that huge after all.

MasterCornholio1706d ago

" and most of those indie titles will end up being 1080p"


Till now most indie titles announced for the PS4 run at 1080P with some titles like Resogun running at 60FPS.

BX811706d ago

1080p isn't huge for me. Nice but not huge. What if a game isn't 1080p? Does that make it a crappy game?

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GamerXD1706d ago

Yeah. I'm lucky I'm getting PS4 this friday. Let the pixels flow through me.

CaEsAr-1706d ago

I've to wait another 2 weeks or maybe one month :( I hate you now

Patrick1706d ago

lol... I dont know why, but after the frown, you suddenly turned into GLaDOS from portal and that's how I read your comment.

TomahawkX1706d ago

Embrace the pixels, let them flow through you. Only then will you see the true power of next-gen.

MasterCornholio1706d ago

Im glad that a developer believes that 1080P is important.

Unlike those other guys.......

cyhm31121706d ago

lol, so sad that the definite truth that 1080p is so much better than 720p is so hard to be accepted. It is like back in history when most people still believed the earth is not round but in fact it is. Sad, isn't it?

arjman1706d ago

"1080p is suddenly huge because the next gen consoles will be outputting it" FTFY

obliteratorFTW1706d ago

Sorry but this developer is hugely mistaken, 1080p is not important and is inferior to 720p, atleast that's what I came to know from developers here in n4g.

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