Xbox One Kinect Games To Look Forward To

Grainger Games takes a look at Xbox One's new Kinect system, how it works with some games, and the technology within is essential to the Xbox One experience.

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fsydow11737d ago

waaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kinect is a turd.

Chicago85061737d ago

Lol @ fsydow1
M not picking up XB1, but I will keep my eye on what they have to offer for future convincing.

Game on.

Automatic791737d ago

Fighter Within, D4 and Kinect Sports.

tigertom531737d ago

Kinect Sports and Fighters within

HammerKong1737d ago

i prefer multiplats and bigger exclusives but i'am getting xb1 and i want to take bigger advantage of it in gaming so i will give my shot to kinect sports rivals ,d4 and fighter within may be crimson dragon be my next chosie but i know one thing i will not be sticking to these game for long time but are still good showpice that waht xb1 can do and yeah i will obviously take advantage of xb1 fitness.

come_bom1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

When is Microsoft going to understand that most gamers are not interested in Kinect. I wouldn't mind purchasing a much cheaper Kinectless X1.

EDIT: If that is so, then Microsoft already lost next gen console "war".

gamer78041737d ago

Kinect is an integral part of the system, it IS the xb1, I hope they never do that way devs can count on it

SilentGuard1737d ago

An integral part of the system that can be unplugged and never used. The developer counting on it is nonsense as well as they can also count on fewer Xbox Ones sold due to the higher price Kinect brings. Developers will develop based on usage and demand for Kinect, not becuase every console has one.

kratos_TheGoat1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

Since kinect 1 sold more then PSmove, I don't mind this... looking forward with KI and d4

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