Are Microsoft lacking focus and direction for Xbox One’s European launch?

It’s a line that will be trotted out for many years after this generation has been laid to rest, but it still stands out as the moment where Microsoft went from one of the industries leading lights to just downright arrogant. Thankfully a lot has changed since Don Mattrick uttered those pre-recorded words during the heat of this year’s E3.

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jackanderson19851772d ago

they're probably doing the european launch slightly better... FIFA or Forza for "free" if you get the day one edition... this helps cut down the price difference (in ireland fifa 14 is 65 euro) to roughly €35 which isn't too bad for a kinect

Excalibur1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

IS Microsoft lacking focus and direction for Xbox One’s launch?

There I fixed it for you and the answer would be YES!

MCTJim1772d ago

Well ya beat me to it on the title. As for EU, I cant really comment as I dont really keep up the the EU launch stuff, but it does seems that way at first glance, at least FIFA is included there, we got a giant nothing here in the states, but I am ok with that since many of the feature will indeed work at launch.

Langkasuka1772d ago

Better than the X1 Asian launch... which is still non-existent and we're waiting oh so faithfully /s.

pyramidshead1772d ago

It's not really surprising. From the get go it's always seemed like a bit of a 'murica centric entertainment box.

MRMagoo1231772d ago

They are just lacking focus in general imo.

GameSpawn1772d ago

I think that was the intention in his comment. Microsoft as a whole (not just the Xbox division) is lacking focus and direction.

Seriously, Windows 8, Zune, Windows Phone, Surface, and Xbox One have ALL had issues with the public. Zune is a certified failure by now and the rest were/are very poorly received by the public either due to controversy or complete lack of interest.

Remember, Balmer is leaving for a reason and it is DEFINITELY NOT his many WONDERFUL years of service -- he's being forced into retirement.

Becuzisaid1772d ago

yes, because they have zero TV integration available outside of the US.

Wintersun6161772d ago

True. Also they aren't even releasing it in many Europeans countries this year.

malokevi1772d ago

Does a bear crap in the woods?

Wait, what are we talking about? Where am I?

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