NYC: New PS4s on Sale Just for You

Jennifer Clark // Senior Director, Product Publicity writes:

To celebrate the launch of PS4 in North America, we will be holding a special midnight launch event at The Standard, High Line. Activities will include an arcade where fans can play games on up to 30 kiosks. Additionally, the entire north side and east sides of the hotel will transform into a gigantic interactive lighting installation. Starting Thursday, images depicting the creative process of developing video games will be projected on the entire north side of the 18-story building.

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phoenix_dusk1777d ago

Oh damn I hear their footsteps in New York already. LOL

nosferatuzodd1777d ago

ok that's close to where i live ill just take a walk down there and pick one more ps4 up just in case some one i know want one nice

LordDhampire1777d ago

Don't get stabbed or shot by a jealous xbox one fanboy

nix1777d ago

gimme one of the ps4s from the kiosk to meeeeee......