Your Invitation Has Arrived: Xbox One Ready for Millions of Fans on Nov. 22

Get ready racing aficionados, zombie slayers, sports fans, warriors and entertainment lovers. The Xbox team is planning one of the biggest entertainment premieres of the year to celebrate the launch of Xbox One with Xbox fans around the world, when it launches next Friday, Nov. 22.

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OlgerO1735d ago

Well we knew this was coming, Hope to see new game anouncements and other cool stuff at the launch event.

TomShoe1735d ago

"Your Invitation Has Arrived"

Where's the return address? Do not want.

VENOMACR12271735d ago

Well the good news is you don't have to buy one! Better for all of us who are. One less person driving in reverse, team killing, or going for it on fourth and 25 from your own end zone.

mrnice1735d ago

people on ps4 going to be upset dont try to compare psn to xbox live for online gaming it is crap.and thats a fact i have played on ps4 and xbox one. ps4 did look more detailed but no good if lag alot been to 4 events. and xbox one has played better at every one so that tells me what i need to no even battlefield was poor on ps4 same as cod. i do hope they sort ther online out as getting both but due to high demand of ps4 orders dont think they will cope time will tell.

come_bom1735d ago

... and yet you came here and troll the article.

Real mature. /s

LordMaim1735d ago

R.S.V.P: Will Not Be Attending

Utalkin2me1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


I think i dropped IQ points by just trying to read your comment.

There is nothing to sort out on PSN, it works flawlessly for me. There is not near as many host migrating or host ending games as there is on xbox live. Only thing they need to fix is occasional downtime which hasn't happened in quite a while.

But your comment shows me you haven't really played on PS3 much less a PS4. If you provide some proof of like your pass to events. Just take a picture with your N4G name on paper next to your passes. Then i will give you some credit, until then you're just another troll with bad language and grammar.

P.S. Considering you just joined a little over 2 weeks ago.

Goku7811735d ago

Agree, someone else can pay for that $500 ticket for games that are mostly 720p.

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BBBirdistheWord1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

XBO looks sleek and cool.
Ready for the future.

MS has promised ten years of gaming edge.
The pressure is on. Not just for now, but also for 2,3 & 5 years time.

I like to think that when MS makes theses kinds of predictions, they have a lot riding on it and they plan to deliver.

The game has changed and continues to change. MS seems to be on top of this.

Looking forward to new innovations and new online tech as part of this new gen.

Will Sony be able to keep up with their fixed hardware specs? Time will tell...

DeadRabbits1735d ago Show
mcstorm1735d ago

I cant wait to get my day one xbox one and ill be hammering Forza 5 and KI all day. I am more excited about the Xbox one over the PS4 just because it offers me more services of what I use day to day and has more games at launch I want. But I will be picking up a PS4 later on next year as there are some I want later on next year and then I will have all 3 as I own a WiiU already so im more than pumped for the next generation of home consoles.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1735d ago

I am getting a PS4 later next year, probably next xmas, but truth be told there are no exclusives that Sony release that have anywhere near the buzz of what Microsoft deliver. Forza,Halo,Gears of war,Titanfall,Quantum break,Killer Instinct,Sunset overdrive etc...

Forza 5 and KI day one for me too dude.


TheBrit1735d ago

@DeathOfTheFanBoy urm when did they announce Gears of War for XB1 ?!?!

whitefang19881735d ago

@theBrit he didn't say xbox1 he said Microsoft, if it comes out for ps4 what does it matter? Just means more people will enjoy it. He said he's getting both consoles (like me). But I do agree with him for me the ps4 exclusives right now aren't doing anything for me I always preferred god of war, last of us (uncharted was alright, but not great) all my opinions of course

TRD4L1fe1735d ago

"XBO looks sleek and cool."

be careful with those words. saying the XB1 looks sleek and cool is taboo around these parts of the interwebz.

But I do agree, i like how its designed. Just plain and simple, it doesnt stick out.

Blackdeath_6631735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

"fixed hardware specs?" WTF??! they promised 10 years of gaming with th 360 and look how they gave up on that half way through the only content it was getting was half arsed sequels of halo,forza or gears and kinect shovelware. at one point the most exciting thing on the 360 was the pizza hut app that's how sad it has gotten so don't hold your breath on a 10 year life cycle it can barely manage launch games.

abzdine1735d ago

i feel sorry for you, you dare talking about PS4 superior specs when your cherished console cannot do more than 720p.

hey, i was wondering why people were calling it xbox720? now i do!

"XBO looks sleek and cool.
Ready for the future. "

with a 20pounds external power brick, a VHS type of design and AA batteries for the controllers.

Talk about the future!

BBBirdistheWord1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

but abz... no need to get all butthurt about it.

The 360 was fixed in hardware in 2005, much like the ps4 is set in stone in 2013.

It ain't rocket science.

MS seems to have sacrificed some short term power for longer term investment in power. In 5 years time, the cloud will be more relevant. MS has invested heavily in cloud infrastructure at the same time that Sony is promising what "may" happen with gakai. Sony has even acknowledged that further investment is necessary for its equivalent service to function anywhere near on par.

I just hope gakai can keep up. Because the hardware in both ps4 and xbo will be woefully out of date by then and streaming over the internet will take on a new meaning long after we have finished arguing over whether Ps4 Cod runs at 1080p with poor framerates.

At that time, the cloud may become RATHER relevant, even if if it is unfathomable for you at the present time.

Pogmathoin1735d ago

BBB, leave the poor guy alone. Its an X1 article, and we know trolls never have nothing better or interesting to do. Give him a break :)

BBBirdistheWord1735d ago

@ beaver

But isn't this an xbo article celebrating the launch of the xbo on the 22nd?

Shouldn't we be celebrating?

Why on earth do we need to put up with the ps4 sadsacks that crow loudly despite their soon to be outdated hardware and inferior online services?

Seems odd.

mcstorm1735d ago

What dose the design of the console, power brick and AA batteries have to do with the future?

When has anyone ever walked into a games shop and said this console has no games I want but it looks so sexy that im going to buy it?

Are all battery suppliers going to just stop making AA batteries?

Is the external power brick going to stop you from enjoying games?

Come on its all about the games esp on here and get the console that offers you the games you want and leave people to get the console for the games they want.

Kayant1735d ago


So you believe that in time XBL compute will be able to offload enough data in *real-time* to offer more resources for other things to be done be done locally so for example a game might go from medium graphical settings to high or even able to render at a higher res. Is this what you believe will actually happen or am I missing something here???

Oh my if that's what you truly believe will happen then.....

Anyways XB1 launch should be fun looking forward to seeing more of the OS & interaction with kinect to see how good the voice-controls really are & if I will like them more.

BBBirdistheWord1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

@ kayant
"So you believe that in time XBL compute will be able to offload enough data in *real-time* to offer more resources for other things to be done be done locally so for example a game might go from medium graphical settings to high or even able to render at a higher res. Is this what you believe will actually happen"

That's what I believe will happen, in five to ten years.

If you don't believe this will happen, then...
I can tell you are new to technical change. That's ok. Just remember that change will happen, even if you are not aware of it. It has done so many times before you were even aware of this concept.

LordMaim1735d ago

@BBBirdistheWord: The internet exploded and Xbox's prebooks tanked when it was revealed that the Xbox One required an internet connection once every 24 hours. What makes you think that people will be willing to have their systems connected constantly in order to offload calculations to the cloud in order to play even single player games? Simply put, the infrastructure in North America makes that concept a pipe dream. Stop grasping at straws.

rainslacker1734d ago

lol, way back when, middle of last year or so when 720 was what everyone was calling it on the internet, the name's speculation articles would pop up. I mentioned in one that I couldn't see them calling it the 720, as it would imply that the resolution would be at that. I insisted that next gen consoles would be full HD. I thought somewhat more powerful video cards would go into the systems at the time.

I remember getting a lot of agrees that the systems would be full HD. Apparently that doesn't matter now though.

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ltachiUchiha1735d ago

I would pickup an xbox1 at launch if it didnt come with the camera & was $399 but the pay wall just makes it too much for me. I'll wait until they release an sku without the camera. I dont really care for it. Titanfall & Ryse look pretty sweet. Hope they announce more new IP's. The more the better but for $499 i'll wait until next year to grab 1 if they get a cheaper sku.

EasilyTheBest1735d ago

Enjoy your wait for a Kinectless X1, check out the videos of the X1 UI, Kinect makes it all work. It comes with Kinect and I am glad it does.

soljah1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

yep good thing that the xbox 1 launch is all about the games. wait did they even mention new game announcements or game video's or sneak peeks at new games?

VENOMACR12271735d ago

Uh said something positive about the X1. Time for the disagrees lol

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TomahawkX1735d ago

man those deep pockets... gotta give it to MS for showmanship. Sony marketing really needs to get on the ball, I mean they do have a music division with many popular artists.

JoGam1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

TomahawkX......Tom.......wake up dude, wake up. Ur dreaming! OMG...Hes having a nitemare. Somebody grab me a bucket of water.

On topic. Cant wait. My brother will flip come Nov22nd.

Blackdeath_6631735d ago

sony has done way more effective advertising in that they generate so much hype using methods that cost very little like a youtube teaser vid here and there the emails they send out to everyone, twitter etc.. also arguably the biggest amount of hype this gen cost nothing at all just capitalising on their competitor's mistakes at E3. displaying supercars and decorating big warehouses does nothing to reach audience world wide it just gives a good impression to the people attending

TomahawkX1735d ago

Geez what's with all the disagrees? I meant MS has a thing for throwing big ass parties that appeal to casuals.

rainslacker1734d ago

The casuals aren't going to those parties though. I doubt they even know about them.

ltachiUchiha1735d ago

This is about the xbox1, not sony. Tired of seeing ppl keep trying to justify why one is better then the other. Just be happy & grab whatever console has the games u enjoy more or grab both & be even happier.

Dynasty20211735d ago

Sony doesn't need to do anything really.

"Our console is faster, will therefore have a longer lifetime and push graphics further, and we're £80/$100 cheaper."

The price alone is enough to sway the majority in a recession.

A big chunk of these sales are going to be made by parents for their kids for example.

And what parent chooses a more expensive piece of hardware that has inevitably lower reviews on Amazon.

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DeadRabbits1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Forgot about the xbone with all the PS4 hype this week!

15th and 29th............22nd is just the filler!

BBBirdistheWord1735d ago

gotta disagree.

The ps4 games don't excite.
Knack is for kids
KZsf borrows very heavily from other games.

Is there anything new on ps4 apart from the pixels?

JoGam1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Killzone borrows from other games? Wow. That's ur excuse?

Name one shooter on Xbox One or any Xbox that does not borrow from other games? I'll give you till Nov 22nd to answer.

abzdine1735d ago

Hey man, what's wrong with kids games? at least Sony keeps pushing them and proves that PS consoles offer a higher variety. i'm 30 years old and i'm getting Knack day one. Maybe in your eyes i'm a kid but i still enjoy some platforming games.
and Ryse and Dead Rising are amazing maybe? how about the unfinished Forza 5? has least number of tracks and cars of all forza games, no day/night transitions and no dynamic weather effects.

please shut up or at least know what you are talking about.

let me ask you now because you are opening it big, what does x1 bring other than old gen resolution?

combatcash1735d ago

I played the Knack demo and it didn't impress it really doesn't look next gen imo.

Killzone looks great but what I'm really excited for is the next gen NBA 2k14 and ps4 is the most affordable way to experience it.

Dynasty20211735d ago

Dead Rising is one of the most childish game series in the world.

RYSE is just a QTE game with pretty poor mechanics overall.

Killer Instinct is just Tekken.

Forza is a wannabe Gran Turismo.

And almost all the other games are coming out on PS4 as well.

The Xbox None's lineup is hilariously poor.

tigertom531735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


and Ryse and Dead Rising are amazing maybe? how about the unfinished Forza 5? has least number of tracks and cars of all forza games, no day/night transitions and no dynamic weather effects.

All I see is People spinning out the same stuff the anti-xbox news that Fora 5 was rushed and lacks weather or tracks and cars when it never had weather in their games before and has about the same amount of tracks and cars when they other Forza games came out. stop the hate enjoy your Knack am sure it will be fun to play and it would be better if you just bought both systems and enjoy the gaming.....

rainslacker1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Ryse borrows from Crytek's reputation of making meh game play.

Killer Instinct borrows from iPhone games in it's sales approach.

Forza borrows from every racing game out there.

Dead Rising 3 borrows from {insert zombie game here}

Opinions are fun.

What's new with the PS4? Nothing, it's a game machine that plays games, and is backed by a company who has proven that they have the gamer's interest in mind. Processing power to handle more complex game play, and a better GPU to push out more pixels is all I ask from my consoles.

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TRD4L1fe1735d ago

Yet here you are on a XB1 article

True_Samurai1735d ago

Not interested in the ps4 or knack or kz :p

gamer20131735d ago

I don't understand all this PS4 hype. How can people possibly be so excited for something that offers significantly less than it's competition?

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kratoz12091735d ago

Cannot wait when Kanye performs live and reveals a new Just dance ^-^

Just kidding i am getting my ps4 day one!!

True_Samurai1735d ago

It probably would've been funny if you said Chris B or Usher. Kanye doesn't do any fancy dancing.
So your comment is a big FAIL & Irrelevant

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