Mass Effect 4: Which Main Characters Will Return in Case of a Sequel?

Mass Effect 4 is still far ahead from being released and as so, the upcoming plot and timeline are still unknown, however the sequel logic has been the most favorite choice amongst players. In that case, if BioWare actually chooses to make a development of the Mass Effect 3 events, then there’s a great chance that many old characters will be seen again. But not everyone has the same chance to return, in fact, some characters have a really low probability to return to the next Mass Effect.

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GarrusVakarian1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Would make sense, given the fact the Asari live for over a 1000 years. But i don't want the next gen to rely too heavily on old faces. I want new characters and one or two cameos from old characters.

gillri1771d ago

I hope I see Tali, Wrex, Mordin or Garrus again :/

doubtful with Mordin because of Salarian short lives, you could make a top ten characters of the generation and fill half of that top ten with Mass Effect characters

Senyra1771d ago

Mordin died during ME3.

gillri1771d ago

yes but it might be a prequel

IanVanCheese1771d ago

Mordin didn't have to die fwiw, it's just almost everyone picked the option that leads to his death.

chrissx1771d ago

Just take us to a new generation of humans and races. But yea like stated above If there would be a suprise cameo appearance by and old face my bet would be liara Tsoni. Prolly she would be a matriach by then

Summons751771d ago

In case of a sequel? Bioware has made it clear they don't care about story or the rich worlds they use to build anymore....they will milk this series to death. Hell, they are confused with Dragon Age series and they nailed it the first game but not can't make a new entry to save their lives, DA3 looks like crap because they kept the god-awful combat system they had in DA2 but now the game looks like KoA...

I want good Bioware to come back =[

Ashlen1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

My guess is none of them.

Based on the fact that it's EA I predict that the game will have a limited cast and limited RPG features in order to cut costs. They will turn it into a primarily shooter based game with even more focus on multiplayer (than ME3) and a shorter single player with less voiced dialog.

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