PSVita TV might not be region locked, but importing can be a problem

Unlike original reports of the PSVita TV seemingly being region locked, it seems to actually be a case of US/EU servers not being available yet. Which makes sense seeing as the console is not even announced for US/EU territories yet. Through NeoGAF US users are able to use their profiles, but not access PSStore.

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jujubee881735d ago

I'd say people should still be contacting Sony officials about this mix-up, just to tell them to hurry up and patch a few games and get VTV PSN store up in western territories (yes, VTV requires a new network from VITA).

The more people demand, the more Sony can supply us all with the goods earlier.

Agent_00_Revan1735d ago

Well this is good...-ish. I was really thinking about importing one. I don't want to wait for a western release unless I really have to. I need a solution for being able to play in my Living Room while my PS4 is in my Basement.

SirBradders1735d ago

Expect it to be released sometime in january. Thats my guess.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME1735d ago

well it freaking better come over to the west because i need that

NikonSteve1735d ago

Hey when does this come out for Xbone? Oh wait....

Pillsbury11735d ago

I am predicting a western release when the ps4 launches in japan.

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