PlayStation Plus Has Seen "Significant Growth" Says Sony

"At a pre-launch PS4 event in New York City today, Eric Lempel, vice president of Sony Network Entertainment and head of global marketing, gave us an overview of what PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store looks like on the new console. During the demo and other hardware overviews Sony presented to us, it was abundantly clear that Sony is putting PSN's community and social connectivity front-and-center on PS4."

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come_bom1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

PS+ is a very good deal. Another reason to purchase the PS4. Microsoft really has to improve their offering with XBLA Gold if they want to compete.

MajorAly1776d ago

The funny thing is that I'm still being questioned and thrown mud upon by others IRL as well as on the internet with many citing that Sony became greedy by putting Online MP behind PS+.

And I have converted nearly a lot of people from their negative views about PS+ to positive when they hear that with LIVE Gold they had to pay only for MP but with PS+ they were paying for free games and now for MP as well so there isn't any kind of loss for them in any way.

Nicaragua1776d ago

Im a huge Sony fan and i still think it was unnessecary to put MP behind the paywall.

Free online was a big factor in choosing PS3 over Xbox for many people.

MajorAly1776d ago


Free MP was great but if the MP scene is improved much further with this paywall then I have no issues. Free games every month + MP. No issues at all...

Ju1776d ago

Huh! $10 for every $50 spent...I love that. Not sure if this is a permanent promo or just now...

g-nome1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

No shiz, free games basically.

IcicleTrepan1776d ago

No, because people are buying PS+ in prep for PS4, wherein you must have it to play multiplayer.

It's mandatory now, duh of course it's going to go up.

MidnytRain1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

No shiz, it'll be mandatory for multiplayer... I expect to it to explode solely because of that...

RiPPn1776d ago

I still don't think they advertise it enough. I still tell people about it and all the games they give you and they had no idea. Such a tremendous advantage over the competition and most people don't even know about it.

jukins1776d ago

Yea they should def advertise it. When I explain to people or show my friends all the games I have that i got for free across multiple systems they're literally amazed and most ended up getting ps+.

Sony would do well for themselves if they could distinguish the value of ps+ vs live. because now alot of people just think its similar to xbl in that you need it to play online while the benefits are an afterthought.

Thehyph1776d ago

Yup. I was explaining it to someone at a party last weekend. He had bought Battlefield 3 for 360 at around the same time they made it free on PS Plus. I told him how it works, and he didn't even believe me. I then proceeded to tell him about the wealth of games that I've gotten in the past year and a half. His mind was blown.

Irishguy951776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Far as im concerned it's the biggest Mistake Sony have made in tne last 10 years. PS+ should be plastered all over game shops with a list of the games that have been given out so far. Its almost too good to be true and it's a massive advantage over the competition

Honest_gamer1776d ago

My only criticism of the instant game collection is that their isn't enough vita games i have no idea how long uncharted and gravity rush have been their, it's been months now in uncharted's case possibly the whole year but i guess their is a limited amount of vita games they can do ps3 side of things are amazing, only way it can get better is if they add in ps1 and 2 games as well ;-)

come_bom1776d ago

So true. The Vita really has few decent games. Sony has to support it much more.

Nicaragua1776d ago

I think Vita has done amazingly well with free games.

I've had Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, Lumines, Metal Gear HD Collection, Thomas was Alone, Street Fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat and im sure some other stuff that i havent even gotten around to because i was too busy playing all the above along with Soul Sacrifice (also about to become free on PS+) and Killzone.

So tell me again about how there isnt enough free vita games ?

Honest_gamer1776d ago

Their isn't enough because its always the same ones that are their every week if they took uncharted and gravity rush of and replaced them with 2 other games like they do with the ps3 it would be fine instead its something like 1 or two a month, most of the time its crap games to, out of all the games you listed only mgs and uncharted are any good to me.

Thehyph1776d ago

It's the same with ps3. There are a few flagship titles of the service that will last a full year. InFamous 2 and Little Big Planet 2 were up for a full year before being replaced by LBP Karting and Uncharted 3.

rayzorn1776d ago

the ps3 and vita are the same on plus they both get 2 games a month with some games never leaving. that's the instant game collection part for people who join. that way they have games. they stay up for a year then rotate out for new ones for the following year.

but every month 2 new come up and 2 old leave for both. not sure if it will be the same with ps4 since there are not many games out for it.

I just got a vita about a month ago and I got a ton of free games since I have had plus for awhile.

got disgaea, ff tactics. uncharted, pvz, and rayman as really good games and about 12 others that are just so and so to me.

excited about ss this month also almost bought it a few times.

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kratos_TheGoat1776d ago

hope it continue to grow love ps plus and xbox live

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