'Why Dead Rising 3 Is An Xbox One Exclusive' - Capcom Vancouver

NowGamer: "We recently caught up with Dead Rising 3 executive producer Josh Bridge to talk in-depth about upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 3.

As part of that conversation, Bridge explained why Dead Rising 3 is an Xbox One exclusive."

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Convas1707d ago

If a publisher taking on a game and providing funding for a project that would not exist otherwise is bad, I don't want to be right.

Mr_cheese1707d ago

The project already existed, he states that. The Microsoft deal came into play later on, which he states was because they could be on the next gen platform on day one. Surely they could have been on both platforms if it wasn't for the money... Not a bad thing, it's just business.

dantesparda1707d ago

And what was stopping them from being on the PS4 on day instead? You're being naive. Its money, plain, pure and simple

Kaze881707d ago

Like on Bayonetta 2? No, its the money. Also i think that in Bayonetta 2's case its impossible that no other than Nintendo wanted to publish one of THE most high rated action hack and slash sequel and none wants to publish it...cmon. I believe if they had asked Sega or Sony or MS would have published it.

Mr_cheese1707d ago

Who is being naive? I'm under the impression that had Capcom wanted it to, then DR3 would have been a launch title for both systems, but when Microsoft intervened with what ever amount of money they offered. Capcom was sold, and went exclusive. I don't for a second doubt this.

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DOMination-1707d ago

Is money also the reason for deep down being exclusive?

KentBlake1706d ago

Probably. Third party exclusives are all about money. The difference is Sony has first party studios that actually matter.

DrRobotnik1707d ago

Ps4 will probably get Super Dead Rising 3 Ultimate Edition later.

majiebeast1707d ago

At 1080P and 60FPS not 720P and sub 30FPS and looking current gen i have seen better textures in GTAV.

Wikkid6661707d ago

Another GS fanboy statement... Imagine that!

vallencer1707d ago

Dead rising has never looked that great. Even dead rising 2 looked pretty bad but the people who play dead rising don't play it because it looks amazing. They play it to have fun. And yes you could argue "well it could look amazing and still be fun." I know this but that's not the point even if a game doesn't play in 1080p and 60fps if it still looks good and plays well why does it matter?

JsonHenry1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@vallencer - Dead Rising 2 on the PC maxed out looked pretty good. I'm still hoping Dead Rising 3 comes to the PC or PS4 since I am still not sure if I'm going to get an X1 or not.

vallencer1707d ago

Well yeah cause pc has a lot more settings options and can upgrade hardware. I was just referring to consoles haha. I wish people who are buying a ps4 were able to play the game. I'm not really a big fan of exclusives honestly. I love gaming and not everyone can afford both consoles so it's kind of a bummer.

jhoward5851707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

On the Ps4 version the zombies won't step on each other like they do on the x1 version of DR3...they'll simply have a brain.

justSumDood1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

@ DrRobotnik Agree.

In a way, this timed exclusivity (as it should be seen,) was the best thing that could have happened for fans of DR.

Cross-platform development, historically, has had to hamstring one version or the other with conscessions for the sake of parity.
When the ps4 version releases (under a different name with added features) the code will have been optimized (most likely with better FPS etc...) with the delay given as a valid reason. Thats something that WOULD NOT have happened (or accepted by rival console manfacturers) during a simultaneous release.

DrRobotnik1707d ago

Yeah, Capcom always does this sort of thing. I remember when RE4 came out exclusively to gamecube, only to later have the superior version release on PS2 with more features and $10 cheaper.

DOMination-1707d ago

The ps2 version had more content but I'm fairly confident that the GC version was superior. The PS2 had a 333mhz cpu and the cube was 500mhz. It was way more powerful and although the port was good I remember there being a difference

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Sarcasm1707d ago

Shame that its a launch title, could have used a few more months of polish to iron out the frame rate issue.


urmmmm... because MS paid for it?

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