Sony's Vita TV Appears to Be Region Locked to Japan

8CN: Sony plans to expand their PlayStation Vita TV support to regions like Hong Kong and Singapore early next year, but in the meantime, it appears that the device is region locked to Japan.

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Godmars2901742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )



Still, not a good sign. Is the only device Sony's region locked in years.

izumo_lee1742d ago

Don't worry Godmars i take it is only a temporary region lock cause there are probably some stuff that is only for Japan for now.

There is absolutely no way that this little baby will not be made for the world in due time. Let Japan have their fun cause since we are getting the PS4 before them it is a fair tradeoff.

Heck maybe when the PS4 launches in Japan in February that may be the day we get our PS Vita TV.

yewles11742d ago

Oh we're back to the PS2 days alright...

tiffac0081742d ago

From my understanding the only region locked is the access to the PS Store.

So hopefully that is the sign that the VTV will be released world wide down the line.

GribbleGrunger1742d ago

There's an article saying this is wrong but it's struggling to get approved because of people reporting it ... go figure:

jujubee881742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Meanwhile, this sub only has one report and is totally wrong.

tiffac0081741d ago

Well the submission was hurt when the submitter mixed up the actual article from an old Neogaf post. So now there are still 2 reports that is claiming the article is Old when its no longer the case.

pyramidshead1741d ago

There's already enough hype for it from the west anyway, remember one of the execs talking about popular demand for it to make it's way over. Give them time to launch the thing first and eventually it will turn up in more places. Will just take time.

jujubee881741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Except, the hardware isn't region locked. Once PSN and developers support a western vita TV movement, this very Japanese Vita TV will work.

I think people just assumed some automatic prediction feature would map the control schemes of VITA to DS3 and Ds4. That's not how it works.

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rajman1742d ago

Damn!!!!! I've got one pre-ordered from Japan, I guess I wont be playing multiplayer on it, just single player which Im ok with....all games should still work right?

Godmars2901742d ago

From article:
"Nope," he added soon after. "With both my NZ and US accounts I get 'This service is not available in your region'. It is useless to me."

Not that it says anything about games on memory cards.

rajman1742d ago

Yeh at the moment it looks like its only PSN access thats region locked, hope the actual device isnt region locked :-\ my pre-order has already been dispatched and so I cant cancel the order :o

N4GCB1741d ago

don't worry, it's just that the vita tv has it's own ps store and it's not available in the us or eu because it's not in the servers yet.

GribbleGrunger1742d ago

This makes perfect sense. Sony will want to push the Vita hard in other regions and with the PS4 releasing it makes sense to make sure ONLY the Vita sells in Europe and America. Good business sense, but disappointing for VitaTV enthusiasts.

DarkBlood1742d ago

that wont work on me i will wait even longer for the hopes of a vitatv releasing here since they annouced it for japan so far lol

was semi ish close to getting a vita

jujubee881741d ago

You can still buy this hardware as it is now. Just wait until actual announcement for your region comes.

MajorAly1742d ago

The GAF user has clarified some more which kind of debunks or gives more insight about it:

The news should be tagged as rumor now.

jujubee881741d ago

Agreed. Not sure why it wasn't to begine with or how it made through.

Kalebninja1741d ago

snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ake

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