Pachter: Sony's sales target of 5 million PS4s by March 2014 is 'very realistic'

Games industry analyst Michael Pachter discussed in confident that Sony's sales target of 5 million PS4 consoles sold by March 2014 is likely to be achieved.

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theBAWSE1771d ago

pachter is one of the biggest pricks in the media bar none

I remember a couple months ago him saying ps4 will get nowhere near xbone sale's and Microsoft are set to dominate with the xbone

first1NFANTRY1771d ago

The guy is a pitiful shill who knows nothing about the industry. I wouldn't hold his words to any high degree.

thekhurg1771d ago


When did he say that? He's been touting higher sales for the PS4 since E3.

He's been pretty consistent in saying the PS4 will have a 30% lead in sales throughout 2014, and doesn't see MS starting to catchup until significant price drops are put in place.

mikeslemonade1771d ago

Y'all may make fun of him but I think he has it right this time around. 5-6 million is my guess.

abzdine1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

this guy is a moron, no need to be analyst to predict BS, especially the most obvious thing.

You know what guys, PS4 will be released on 11.14.13, it's an analyst saying this. And Sony will release a PS4 slim in 3 years.


LightofDarkness1771d ago

OK Abzdine, when you have years worth of collated market data to back up the crap you say and can present it in a format that's meaningful and valuable to industry leaders and investors, you go ahead and say what you like about his job.

Phoenix761771d ago

@theBAWSE, pachter is one of the biggest pricks in the media bar none.

I'd take what he says over Major Nelson any day.

Studio-YaMi1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I agree,people are hating on him for some of his comments,but the guy is just doing his speculations on info he gets and changes his views when things change.

I like his class attitude,he doesn't seem as the bad guy that lots of people here claim he is.

harrisk9541771d ago

What the hell are you reading? Since E3, Pachter has been talking about the PS4 kicking the crap out of the XB1 over the next year. You may not like the guy and I definitely don't agree with everything he says all of the time, but get your facts straight. If you can show something different, please link to the source.

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JLT-Sandwitch1771d ago

If 5 million are sold by march Sony will dominate

Blackdeath_6631771d ago

easily achievable. already 1.5 and close to 2 mill pre-orders

Bowzabub1771d ago

In these economic times it is outstanding. I just hope the industry stays healthy altogether.

kratos_TheGoat1771d ago

by march ps4 will be 5 mil & x1 5mil only if titian fall is big hit if not 4 mil..

mikeslemonade1771d ago

5 mil : 3 mil no matter if titan fall is a hit or not. That's not a system seller.

kratos_TheGoat1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

i bet money titian fall is a system seller if pplz hype the game up like every rush cod/bf game

10V3N0M011771d ago

I love how 9/10 times when this guy opens his mouth it's rubbish and people rant but its OK when he makes useless presumptions on most peoples thoughts.

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