Prepare for lift-off: Resogun shoots to save PlayStation 4’s launch

PS4′s first must-have digital release is Resogun, a new schmup following in the footsteps of Super Stardust. Dave Owen has stars in his eyes as he chats with developer Housemarque.

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Mr_cheese1625d ago

This game looks incredible. Big fan of this studios work and can see a lot of positive things in their future.

BBBirdistheWord1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I am a big fan of HDsuperstardust on ps3.

However, Resogun ps4 is NOT incredible.
It is a 2d sidescrolling Shmup that would have been incredible in the 1990s. I know, because I played those games in the 90s. It would have been incredible then.. but not now.

For the 2014 launch of ps4, this is not a good flagship launch title

The article states: "there’s a surprising amount of pressure on Resogun to deliver the goods. After high profile delays drastically thinned the PlayStation 4 launch line-up, the game has found itself in the somewhat unlikely position of headliner."

Is this game good enough to be a headliner for the next gen?
A 2D sidescrolling shooter?

Mr_cheese1625d ago

You complaining about a title that comes free with ps+? I understand your concerns, but I don't think it is a valid point. We played FPS in the 90's, should we stop making those? We had football games in the 90's. why can a company not take an old concept and redefine it? Corridor style games are just an evolution to side scrollers. Let the creative be creative and offer new experiences.

BBBirdistheWord1625d ago

lol. please re-read my post.

I did not complain about resogun or any other indie game, I merely questioned whether it was good enough to be a HEADLINE game for the ps4 launch.

Please pay attention.