PS4 won't support 3D Blu-ray playback at launch

Sony's PlayStation 4 will not support 3D Blu-ray playback at launch.

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jackanderson19851777d ago

maybe finally this will be the last nail in the coffin for 3D.... it's such an expensive waste of money

thekhurg1777d ago

Not really. You get a 240hz refresh rate with a 3D TV, and that alone with worth the extra couple hundred bucks when you're already spending over $1500 for a reasonable model.

ikkokucrisis1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Hmm, I wonder if the digital 3D movies on the PSN Video Store and Netflix will work?

Chris5581777d ago

well for 800 you get 400hz led 1080 p tv easily

SniperControl1777d ago


Yes they will, all the movies on there are Side by Side 3D, It is the TV that does the 3D processing.

A Blu-Ray disc is set up differently, in affect two of the same movie are mixed together on the disc, a dedicated 3D Blu-Ray player decodes the two streams for 3D playback, this 3D affect is generally better than side by side 3D.

The PS4 will be able to do this after a patch.

eclectified1777d ago

@Chris558: You could spend $800 on a 400hz 1080p TV, but you would be stuck with a plasma TV with a horribly dim and overly glossy screen.

3d isn't as expensive as so many people think. I've seen smart passive 3d TVs go for $10 - $20 more than their non-3d counterparts.

Personally, I love my 3d TV. I don't watch a lot of 3d movies mainly because I don't buy/rent movies often, but I LOVE games in 3d. I hope at least Resogun is 3d for now. From the gameplay, it looks like it should be.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I have an amazing 3D Samsung 40" smart tv, its certainly not a gimmick. Try playing gears of war 3 in 3D and tell me it's not amazing!

Most blurays I purchase these days, I opt for the 3D version if available, I love it.

As imt558 says below, PACIFIC RIM IS AMAZING IN 3D!!!

Joe9131777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I also have a samsung 40" and KZ3 in 3d with the move sharp shooter combo is the best time I had gaming in forever I was hoping they did the same with KZSF but have not heard of any move support or 3d prob so they can get it out for launch.
@tiremfej I agree only reason why this bother me is because they already said they will support at launch now they went back on what they said and I think in the big Q&A thing it also said it will be added with the day one patch so we will see.

SniperControl1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Replied to wrong comment

richierich1777d ago

Ah for fuck sake! I bought a 3D TV for my PS4

KUV19771777d ago

I am buying a rather expensive 3D-projector, not just for PS4 but was fully expecting support.

C0LLAT1777d ago

"Sony's PlayStation 4 will not support 3D Blu-ray playback at LAUNCH."

Translation: The PS4 will support 3D Blu-ray in an upcoming patch.

Saviour1777d ago

but MS got bashed for same title :(. wonder what makes sony magically better.

C0LLAT1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Maybe because Sony is Making Games the number 1 priority, therefor its excusable.

We all know the number 1 priority for Microsoft so I need not say.

What's with the dislikes on my original post??? xbox fanboys I guess, what can you do lol.
ah well.

tiremfej1777d ago

Wow. Sony just lied about it the other day stating the PS4 did it. X1 couldn't at launch. I read comments like "another nail in the coffin for Xbone" now all of a Sony sudden Sony is lying to everyone saying it does...and it doesn't??? I'm sorry but blatantly lying about something and everyone turns a blind eye proves to me...PS4 people have lost it.

nasnas761776d ago

Sony fanboy hypocritical fact # 12:

MS: being at front early on what it can't do = OMG worse console ever!!!

Sony: announcing the same problems as MS but only less than a week before launch = it's ok

C0LLAT1776d ago

REALLY??? you guys are obviously all Microsoft fanboys commenting, therefor I don't even know you care. You guys are making a big deal about nothing. Unlike Microsoft, Sony listens to its fan base and this will be added in a upcoming patch I don't know why you guys are acting like it will never have it. geeze get a life.

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InTheLab1777d ago

How......and why would it not be available at launch??? They were partially responsible for the 3Dbr'

QuickdrawMcgraw1777d ago

The PS4 should be able to do at least the same as the PS3 and more.This it's just about the games is a free pass to Sony.Anyway can't wait to copy and play my huge CD collection on my PS4....Oh wait

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richierich1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

I cant help but feel like a sap for listening to Sony about buying their Sony 3D TV. They were all for 3D two years ago

TomahawkX1777d ago

3D movies are still popular in the theaters, when that starts to change then I'll start to worry. The lack of next-gen 3D games is however quite alarming.

kratos_TheGoat1777d ago

3d tv/movies is only good for a hour... 3d is a borefest

xXxSeTTriPxXx1777d ago

Either you have a really ceappy 3dtv or you never owned one, take your pick.

3d is awesome.

Scatpants1777d ago

AC4 is in 3D on PS4 or so they were claiming. Maybe they changed their minds.

kratos_TheGoat1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

smart tv is a better value then 3d tv. for me i get really bored fast with 3dtv/movies