Flower is now available for PS Vita(cross buy PS3,PS4)!

Flower the old PS3 title is now available for PS Vita too.A nice port with beautiful graphics that shows what the system is capable of.The tilt and touch control are somehow tricky but overall the game is a nice addition to the handheld's library.Access the NA store and download it for 6.99 and get all the three versions!Cross buy confirmed!

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Mikelarry1774d ago

i have been waiting for this for a long time, time to start downloading

Thehyph1774d ago

I couldn't find it on the store in the usual spots on my Vita.

If you type it into the search bar you will find it, however.

Just figured I'd let others know if they have the same issue

Vitalogy1774d ago

Which region are you? I'm assuming this is US only... as usual -.-'

Vitalogy1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Couldn't edit previous post, but I can confirm it's US only as the EU ps store update is out and there's no Flower for PS Vita.

theXtReMe11774d ago

I was waiting to get this until I knew if it was cross buy or not, as I wanted to play it on the PS4. Great to know it is. This will be my first time playing it. It is another game I was always jealous of, being an Xbox 360 owner last gen. It always looked so relaxing and peaceful to play.

A little over one day left til launch!

insomnium21774d ago

I played this on PS3. I don't think I'm going to repurchase it.

patsrule3161774d ago

If you have it on PS3, I believe it is free for Vita and PS4.

SolidGear31774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Yeah man, Just bring up your Download List for the others and download away. They're just stating that the once PS3 only game is now compatible on Vita and PS4.

GameSpawn1774d ago

I'm in the same boat. I checked my download list and it still only lists as PS3.

This would be nice if we still get crossbuy, though. Hopefully Flow and Journey follow suit.

patsrule3161774d ago

Is there a demo for flower? I have heard that it is a beautiful game, but I have no idea what it is about or how it works. Considering getting it, but I'd like to try to understand what it is a little better.

patsrule3161774d ago

Thanks for the info. In my case, that doesn't help, though. I have a vita, but no ps3. I'll also have the PS4 in about 48 hours.

Dude Dutch1774d ago

This game is pure magic.

Nuff said

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