Deadfall Adventures Review (Strategy Informer)

From "I’m lucky in terms of games I’ve wished to exist. Rocksteady gave me the Batman games I’ve always wanted, Telltale made a new Monkey Island, there are new Thief and Deus Ex games coming out, and that F2P Command & Conquer game got shut down. What still eludes me however is that big epic Indiana Jones experience. With LucasArts disappearing up some executive’s backside and Disney not realising they bought something other than just Star Wars I’m not holding out much hope, but luckily developer The Farm 51 (a Polish studio who have helped on Painkiller, The Witcher and made, uh, Necrovision) wanted the same thing as me. They couldn’t get the Indiana Jones licence so they made their own adventurer – please welcome James Quatermain and his Deadfall Adventures."

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