‘GTA 5’ publisher reassures fan of DLC and patch commitments

A Rockstar Games representative has reassured a fan that the company is still committed to patching and creating new DLC for "Grand Theft Auto V."

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Gamer6661711d ago

They had better after selling 24 million copies in the first two months...

gigoran1711d ago

They had better? By all means they are under no obligation to do so. Yet, they are. And as far as online is concerned the dlc will be all free. So instead of "they had better" it's more like "they can do it when they are ready". They owe us nothing. Be grateful they are not selling the dlc for $20 a pop.

Skate-AK1711d ago

They don't need to sell DLC at $20 a pop. They have the microtransactions to make up for lost revenue from selling the DLC for cheaper or even making it free.

hay1710d ago

With so many copies sold, look at the potential DLC revenue. I mean, mooooOOO.

Grimhammer001711d ago

Rockstar greedy fuks that design mechanics that are borderline retarded.

But great sp!

Donnywho1711d ago

I still can't believe they're selling money inside a beta.

Arturo841711d ago

I originally thought this type of comment was bullshit until I realized that at some point in the near future gta online for next gen is going to be released especially with rockstars supposed plans I.e wanting to expand the actual world map to include prior game regions which we have to assume can only be done on the newer console technology