Polygon COD: Ghosts Review: (XBox One Update)

While the Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has been confirmed by Activision to run at a lower resolution than its PS4 counterpart (720p upscaled vs. 1080p native, respectively), that numerical difference is less meaningful than you might imagine.

The two versions look nearly identical. Viewing the Xbox One release next to the PS4 , I had difficulty telling them apart. It's possible that the PS4 version looked somewhat sharper, but that may have just been my imagination after confirming the hard resolution difference. The next-gen releases of Call of Duty: Ghosts are so close together that gun to my head, I'd have no confidence in being able to discern which version was which — at least, while the two are standing still.

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thekhurg1773d ago

This is surprising given the source.


thereapersson1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Isn't Brian Crecente - ex-Kotaku who has had an agenda against Sony ever since they were involved in a PR conflict - the head of Polygon? Or at least deeply connected with the site.

That would explain all the pro-Xbox controversy coming from this website over the last few months. Just an observation ...

felidae1773d ago

wrong man .. if you google Brian's recent activities you'll see that he likes the playstation very much.

sorry! ;)

IcyEyes1773d ago

Polygon is incredible biased and totally unprofessional.
They only seek page view.

TheGreatAndPowerful1773d ago

All that needs to be said of polygon.

Press Reset: The Story of Polygon - financed by Microsoft for $750,000

TomShoe1773d ago

I've lost all my respect for Polygon. Wait, I lost it a long time ago.

Is it possible to have negative respect for someone?

ZodTheRipper1773d ago

Polygon Reviews aren't credible anymore.

devwan1773d ago

@zod18 "anymore" - since when were they ever credible? They've been a joke from inception.

justSumDood1773d ago

Im not the least bit surprised at that news.
But, what always surprises me is just how ignorant and naive people are about how the corporate world works.

Everyone should read The Media Monopoly by Ben Bagdikian.
Familiarize yourselves with the world in which you live.
And never again will you look at society in the same way.

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SniperControl1773d ago

They said the framerate on the X1 was slightly better, well would do you expect running at a lower resolution.

thereapersson1773d ago

This whole debacle makes no sense because the PS4 is way more powerful than the PS3, yet has the same framerate issues. Call of Duty is such a sh*t show.

dodo1011773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

There is already a patch in the works for the framerate issue on ps4

misterssippi1773d ago

In the past, Polygon has tended to skew in Sony's favor (still do, as they gave the Rachet & Clank...Nexus an 8.5 while most other reviewers gave it an 8 or lower.) They aren't the first or only media source to say the XB1 version had a smoother framerate, making for a better experience. IGN said the same in their review and they are camp Sony over there.

Nabbic1773d ago

Polygon have been Microsoft's fans since they were funded $750,000 for their documentary.
They've been out full force saying the difference isn't that bad, or 720p is actually better.

Thehyph1773d ago

I don't buy it. Look at their reviews for Sony exclusive games.

The Last Of Us 7.5? Suuuuuuuuure. I know opinions of games are subjective, but when you say that the game is hard to play because of weapon sway, (which is an upgradeable stat in the game) then you're bad at games, and I would question any other review that you've ever done.

CoryHG1773d ago

When has IGN ever been camp Sony?

TomShoe1773d ago

Polygon shows so much Microsoft bias, it's not even funny.

It's the ONLY site that gave TLOU below an 8 rating. Maybe it's for page-clicks, maybe because they know where the hand that feeds them is.

Guess who provided them start up money when they founded?

That's right, Microsoft.

fenixrisingxl211773d ago

@Feldman9000 Respectfully, I would argue since two members of the IGN PS3/PS4 team live with a Playstation Blog Community Writer, one of whom is in a relationship with said writer.
(And after watching IGN's Beyond 300, it was pretty alarming to me to see how many IGN PS3 team members went on to work for Sony)

I would respectfully submit if we're going to hold Polygon's feet to the fire for partial funding from Microsoft (and argue their relationship is incestuous), I would think we'd have to do the same with IGN's team when one of their most prominent editors/personalities is literally in bed with Sony.

If we can agree on that, which site can we reasonably say is the bastion of objectivity?
Gamespot? Giant Bomb?
I see no reason to not trust them, but am open to having my illusions dashed if need be.

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assdan1773d ago

And polygon has just confirmed in my mind that they definitely have a huge MS bias. It's not like there's anything subjective about it. The ps4's version IS better.

Blackdeath_6631773d ago

i said this in another comment but the parent comment was given an offtopic bubble despite having no disagrees

"polygon is financed by microsoft they got paid $750,000 there are multiple threads discussing this. they have also been banning comments that were against their biased last of us and ni no kuni reviews if everyone would collectively down vote polygon as a source for this site then maybe we can end these bullshit articles "

polygon is not a reliable source of information.

harrisk9541773d ago

Yeah... it is interesting as Polygon is a lone voice on this. Certainly different than the other reviews that I have read so far.

Blackdeath_6631773d ago

polygon got money from MS and have been pretty anit-sony at times just look at their last of us review

kayoss1773d ago

I bet Polygon will give a lower score for the same game for anything playstation.

popup1773d ago

After today's list from Polygon, I will never again visit their site.

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HighResHero1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Nice another opinion piece.

Love the clearly retaliatory headline too.

@ mhunterjr: "All reviews are opinion..."

....and some reviews are "opinion pieces" as far as I'm concerned.

If this review is more than an opinion piece then the headline and description don't do it much justice. As if the headline wasn't enough reason to be wary, it's coming from a source that many of us question at the moment.

mhunterjr1773d ago

All reviews are opinion...

Grown Folks Talk1773d ago

That only matters if the opinion is shared.

CoryHG1773d ago

That's just your opinion, man

TomShoe1773d ago

It does matter if that opinion is complete bull-ish and misleading.

Grown Folks Talk1773d ago

It's my opinion that it's your opinion that it's my opinion. IMO.

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thereapersson1773d ago

@high res hero

Yes, adding "XBone better version" to the headline is misleading and unprofessional since it does not exist in the original headline. This breaks the submission rules and I am surprised this article made it past the submission phase.

HighResHero1773d ago

It also has a kotakuesque smell to it which is interesting considering what you stated above.

mkis0071773d ago

Just goes to show you depending on the headline this stuff is important... it just depends on which side you are on. I thought this didn't matter?

Revolt131773d ago

Played the Xbox One today at a Microsoft store, controller felt really nice, and the rumble of the triggers on forza :)
they wouldn't let me mess with the UI, they said Microsoft was still tweaking it, so its basically beta form.

kratos_TheGoat1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

damm i was hoping for a bad review for both ps4 and x1