DualShock 4: The Legacy Continues

Pashford Murano doesn't mind being a little late to the party, with an in-depth look at the next gen bliss that is Sony's DualShock 4 controller.

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DeadRabbits1738d ago

I can't wait to give my hands something different to fondle and caress with tender love!

GreenRanger1738d ago

Good, I was beginning to get a rash!

pheature1738d ago

There is no great difference tbh. Just what is expected nothing out of the ordinary

Dno1738d ago

Its actually very different from any other controller. People who touched it would know that.

I played uncharted 3 with it and its night and day from this to PS3.

Dante811738d ago

Make sure you guys give the R1 button some testing. Mine had been getting stuck, and I had to exchange the pad--and no, my hands did not have cheetos dust on them.

SpinalRemains1381736d ago

Best controller I have ever used.

If you prefer DS over Xbox controller, you're going to drool over this DS4.

It is perfect.