Xbox One: Why you should consider one

The Mighty Xbox One is nearly upon us. Many people have chosen their side. Where will you be when the war begins? MWEB GameZone writer Zubayr Bhyat has decided to show what's on offer on the Xbox One in a fair and unbiased manner.

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Sillicur1777d ago

Biggest reason I would consider one is exclusive titles, otherwise PC ftw!

plut0nash1777d ago

For sure. The only game really drawing me to the Xbox One atm is Forza Motorsport 5, other than that ME4 and Dragon Age when it comes out.

HanCilliers1777d ago

I disagree, there's a lot more to both consoles than the games

SpiralTear1777d ago

That's really the reason anyone should buy a certain console over another. You buy it for the things you can't get on other systems, whether it's software, hardware or services.

Snookies121777d ago

I'll get one when it's cheaper, or when I have a great paying job lol. Until then, my friend has one I can mess around with. Shhhh, don't tell my PS4 I'm messing around with other consoles! Lol, I kid... I unfortunately won't have either at launch. Darn money issues...

plut0nash1777d ago

+1 It's all about saving for one right? At the cost it's coming in most people won't afford it.

HanCilliers1777d ago

Very thorough article on the pro's of the Xbox One, I would've just liked to see more comparisons to the PS4

tigertom531777d ago

video don't do just it best to see them in person

SpiralTear1777d ago

"Son, you're teasing the gorilla in the monkey house."

urwifeminder1777d ago

Pc for all multiplats but I love that forza day one edition done.

plut0nash1777d ago

See that's the draw fo rme too. There aren't any other more realistic racing titles on any other platform on launch.

sincitysir11777d ago

nfs rivals is WAY more rellistic than forza. /s

but seriously nfs looks amazing as does forza.

MasterCornholio1777d ago

If you don't have a gaming PC, PS4 for multiplats and exclusives. Oh and FTP games as well with cross platform play.

Nexus 7 2013

plut0nash1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

It's just a pity that Xbox One won't have cross-platform play. Microsoft don't allow it :(

tigertom531777d ago

am sure it the game is simple and their is no real advantage from playing on one or they other they will make a game for both...

tigertom531777d ago

I Consider the Xbox One because of the All In One System, great Family games to Come, Love the controller layout, and great games at lunch for everyone, don't really care if there are a few more jaggies still going to look hell a lot better then current generation of games.. I guess if you just want to best looking games and save 100 dollars then ps4 might be the best way to go...